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Our Story

Born and raised in California on the back of a horse, Jessica had the opportunity to move to Florida last year. As a working amateur, she began researching options for bringing her horse along with her.

Where to board? Who to train with? What farrier options were there? Who transports horses across the country?

After spending hours searching on the web, she became frustrated with the outdated, irrelevant information available. Existing directories provided a name and a phone number at best and there was no way of telling if this professional was even in business any more. After leaving countless voicemails that went unreturned and thumbing through archaic websites, it was obvious there is a huge disconnect between riders and the professionals.

In any other service-related industry consumers search online to find out what their options are. Whether it be a restaurant, a plumber, or buying a car. Why wouldn’t horse people adopt a similar approach?

This experience powered the concept of Equivont. Jessica teamed up with Jacki to bring this word-of-mouth industry up to the digital era.

Equivont partners with reputable and relevant businesses and professionals who WANT TO BE FOUND by the equestrians who are searching for them.

Who We Are

Jessica DiCostanzo- Co-Founder

Jessica has been an active member of the California horse show circuit since she was a child. She has competed successfully on the dressage, jumper, and eventing circuits on numerous horses.

Her background in both tech and marketing combined with her lifelong love of horses spawned the idea to create Equivont.

Board Member, San Juan Capistrano Equestrian Coalition and USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist.

Jaclyn Dunt- Co-Founder

Jaclyn grew up riding horses near Lake Tahoe. She has competed in both jumpers and dressage and has years of experience both riding and teaching as a professional.

She currently has 3 perfect (albeit sassy) mares that she competes on the hunter/jumper circuit across the California Coast.

Her background in the equestrian world and experience in sales and marketing have helped bring Equivont to life.

Blaire Miller- Marketing

Blaire originally grew up riding horses in New Mexico, competing successfully in the eventing & jumper circuits throughout Arizona, California & Colorado.

After spending eight years in Massachusetts Blaire and her fabulous horse "Louie" have fallen in love with Southern California.

She brings with her to Equivont an extensive background in marketing and a lifelong passion for horses.

Lisa Takada- Public Relations Intern

Lisa grew up riding in Southern California and began actively competing in Eventing at the start of high school. Upon high school graduation, Lisa competed in her first international level of competition and decided to take her riding into her college years at the University of Southern California.

With her two horses, Lisa looks to continue climbing the levels in Eventing while also working toward her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. She brings her PR background and interest in marketing/advertising to Equivont.

Created by equestrians, for equestrians, we understand the struggles of working in the industry and growing your business.

Equivont is helping the horse world jump into the digital community. We empower equine businesses to compete in the age of online shopping and e-commerce by creating a strong online presence.

What we do:

  • Give you the tools and resources to increase your online presence.
  • Advertise your business to a wide audience and communicate with new clients.
  • Expand your social reach
  • Update your website
  • Connect to influencers in the industry to increase brand awareness
  • Find more clients, sell your horses, sell your products, grow your business!

Equivont exposes your business to an audience interested in your services and helps customers find you in a way that wasn’t possible before. Join us today!

Equivont was created as a resource for equestrians. By bringing together small business providing unique equestrian products and a one of a kind directory, we have everything for the modern equestrian.

Never before has it been so easy to support small businesses within the equestrian industry. Use Equivont as a resource for all of your horse shopping needs.

Happy riding!