Acupressure Treatments


Acupressure Treatments- Start by finding a comfortable location for you and your horse where it is calm and you both can relax. Slowly, take three even breaths in and out. Think about how you want to help your horse and strengthen his digestion. Taking a moment to formulate the intent of your treatment is very important Review the Bladder Meridian Chart; you will be tracing this meridian on both sides of your horse three times. Begin by resting one hand near your horse's shoulder. Using the heel of your other hand, place it at the poll and gently stroke down his neck, just off the midline. Continue stroking down to the hindquarters staying to the side of the midline. To finish, stroke down along the outside of his leg to the coronary band. Your opposite hand can trail along the same path touching the horse lightly. Repeat this stroking procedure three times on each side of your horse.