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10 Things on Every Equestrian’s Winter Wishlist

November 08, 2022
10 Things on Every Equestrian’s Winter Wishlist

As the seasons change, so do the needs of you and your horse. From adding layers to your wardrobe, to caring for your horse’s feet, we’re sure that you’ll reach for these winter essentials every day.

1. Fenwick LT Earplugs


Colder months ahead mean that your horse might be feeling a little bit more fresh than usual. These therapeutic earplugs use the unique properties of Liquid Titanium® to help your horse feel focused and relaxed during your ride.

2. Pure Sole Hoof Cleanse


Not only are temperatures dropping, but rainy days are more and more frequent as winter moves in. Whether your horse’s paddock is getting damper, or the footing in the arena is a little more wet than usual, you’ll want to get ahead of thrush. This easy spray uses natural, but powerful ingredients to treat and prevent hoof conditions, and is great to have on hand when your horse’s feet are exposed to moist environments.

3. Farm Hands Fix


If you hang out at the barn all the time, you probably have pretty tough hands. In the dry winter months, your skin might really take a beating if you’re not careful. Restore your skin and give your working hands the care they deserve with this natural hand cream!

4. Harcour USA Hazel Winter Blanket


No matter how cozy your barn is, your horse should definitely have an extra layer to keep them warm overnight (especially if you have a show horse with a body shave!). Harcour’s products excel in thoughtful design for maximum comfort, and this blanket is no exception. Durable and comfortable, this blanket is a must.

5. Draper Body Therapy® Nap Blanket


Your horse will be snug in his/her new blanket, but what about you? The fabrics of this blanket–called Celliant®– keep you warm, but also have therapeutic effects that are perfect for your sore muscles. Recharge after a long day at the barn under this unique nap blanket from Draper Therapies.

6. Anique Equestrian Signature Sun Shirt


These riding tops are so versatile! They’re breathable enough for the heat of the summer, but the more durable fabric also helps to keep you warmer during cool winter rides. Buy them this winter, love them year-round.

7. Dreamers & Schemers Socks


We know that keeping your feet warm helps to keep the rest of you warm. These riding socks are the perfect thickness to keep your feet just warm enough, while still having an athletic feel. Plus, the adorable prints they come in are sure make you smile!

8. TKEQ EZ Packable Down Vest


TKEQ products are designed by a young equestrian who seamlessly fuses functionality and fashion. This vest is the Goldilocks of cool weather riding attire–you won’t be too hot and you won’t be too cold, it’s just right. This is the happy medium if you’re that rider who’s freezing when they hop on, but ripping off their jacket after their warm-up. This vest even shrinks down into a small pouch for wear everywhere ease.

9. TKEQ EZ Packable Down Jacket


Having horses is not a fair-weather endeavor. When you need to bundle up for a chilly barn day, this jacket is a perfect layer to have in your wardrobe. It’s lightweight, yet effective. Just like their vest, this jacket also fits into a little pouch, which makes for easy travel.

10. TKEQ Equestrian Athletics Sweat Shirt


This versatile sweatshirt will take you from the barn to the outside world in both comfort and style. Round off your collection of TKEQ outerwear with this cute crewneck!