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Meredith Manor: 5 Reasons Getting An Equestrian Education Will Help Land Your Dream Job

Meredith Manor: 5 Reasons Getting An Equestrian Education Will Help Land Your Dream Job

Meredith Manor Equestrian Center is the only trade-based, post secondary option specific to horses in the United States. Every class offered is specific to horses and professional, marketable services in the equine industry.

Interested in taking the next step in your equestrian education? Here's 5 reasons getting a trade-based equine education gives you a broader, stronger foundation on which to build a career.

1. Hands On Method

At Meredith Manor there are more than 100 horses on campus for students to interact with daily.

"The horses we utilize span a wide range of ages, breeds and training levels, which gives the students practical experience dealing with horses not yet ready for public use," states Kristen Bosgraf, Admissions Director. "Every program offered is heavily supplemented with hands-on activity giving students the time to build proficiency beyond that of an amateur."

Students in the trade-based program of Meredith Manor learn a specific method called 'heeding' which was developed by program founder Ron Meredith.

"This gives students a reference point so they can modify their approach to fit any situation," Bosgraf explained. "As they learn our method they focus on the theory behind why they take each action. They are using the language horses already understand to physically, mentally, gymnastically and systematically prepare them for the horse industry."

2. Broad Exposure

Every student - regardless of which Meredith Manor program they choose - interacts with a wide variety of horses on a daily basis.

"As students acquire skills, those skills are challenged by interacting with less experienced or more opinionated horses," Bosgraf said. "This broad exposure means the student is not the limiting factor when they are handling a specific horse - their skills are not dependent on the skills of the horse."

The same holds true whether the program is a riding or non-riding program. Equine Massage students, for example, also work on a variety of horses whose tension, stress, and physique vary breed to breed.

3. Immersive Experience

A trades program like the one at Meredith Manor appeals to students who choose horses as a career because they want their whole lifestyle to be centered around horses.

"To be successful in the horse industry you must be in the habit of being organized, you must be able to communicate effectively and evaluate and implement a plan of action for each horse and client," Bosgraf said. "These skills take practice. Living the life at a program like Meredith Manor is living the life of your desired trade."

4. Education - that's it!

For a trades college, education is all we sell. Meredith Manor offers a diverse group of instructors who offer multiple skills and points of view, Bosgraf explained.

"You are also getting a verifiable foundation of knowledge," she said. "Every class our students take logs attendance and daily grades which all are reflected on student transcripts. This demonstrates to an employer that you met a minimum standard and completed an education program - it provides employers with an opportunity to seek references from our staff."

5. A Shared Passion

"Students are coming to a community of individuals who have the same passion for horses and desire to make it their life's work," Bosgraf said. "Our instructors are graduates of this program and like any trades people, seek continuing education to help best prepare each student for success."

A trades-based program also helps students see clearly that a career in horses is possible.

"It's the beginning of a network in an industry that is so large but at the same time also very small," she noted.

Meredith Manor has been preparing students for equine careers for more than 50 years. Located in beautiful Waverly, West Virginia, it sits on 130 wooded acres near the cities of Parkersburg, WV, and Marietta, OH. Federal Financial Aid and on-campus housing is available.

To find out more, visit or contact Kristen Bosgraf, Director of Admissions and Graduate Services, at 304-679-5265 or email