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5 Reasons Quality Photos Help Your Horse Sell Faster

5 Reasons Quality Photos Help Your Horse Sell Faster

Trying to sell your horse? Let Jessica Militello Photography help!

When skimming through the sale ads for horses, all of the photos start to blend together. We see it all the time:

  • The unsettled—downhill pose with nothing but distractions in the background

  • The kid's hunter with no kid riding

  • Poorly lit, low-resolution images

  • Scribbled out handlers

First impressions are important and if your photos aren’t “scrollstoppers”, then it’s likely your ad is going to be overlooked. It’s time to start making a couple of adjustments to how we approach the most important part of your sales ad—the photos. Here are the six reasons:

1. Quality photos will stand out amongst other ads—you literally want to have stunning images that STOP the potential buyers search and anchor them in with the first piece of information they see: the photos.

2. You’re more likely to earn the full asking price when you’ve invested in or taken the time to create a well-composed image.

3. According to a research panel created by KISSmetrics, a whopping 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a key factor in a purchasing decision. This means that the photographs you use should be created to satisfy what the buyer wants: a beautiful, clean image of the horse for sale.

4. Hiring a professional photographer to create a series of sales images will allow their technical expertise behind the camera to properly compose and utilize flattering lighting to show off the horses features. This will allow for a crisp visual description that will allow the potential buyer to determine if what they are seeing is both aesthetically pleasing and a contender based on the purchaser's parameters.

5. Taking it a step further, it is important to hire a professional photographer with a background in Equine conformation and posing. It is essential that your ad utilize proper posing and that the photographer understands what Equestrians are looking for in a potential horse to purchase.

Now let’s take a look at an example of a well composed, clean, sharp image vs. a few bad examples.






Now it's time to stray away from mundane photos and create images that resonate with buyers on an emotional level by relating to their subconscious desire to be impassioned while making a purchase! This can only be done when the mind is targeting an aesthetically pleasing image that truly communicates to the buyer.

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