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5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Horse at the Sport Horse Sales Event

5 Reasons to Buy Your Next Horse at the Sport Horse Sales Event

The Sport Horse Sales Event is a weekend of horse sales made simple. Designed to make the horse buying process stress-free, this weekend features a curated selection of horses from top sales programs in Southern California. We want purchasing a horse to be an exciting and positive experience for everyone involved instead of an overwhelming burden filled with extensive travel, schedule coordination for everyone involved.


  1. ALL SALE HORSES ARE PRE-APPROVED. Every horse featured at the Sport Horse Sales Event is selectively invited and pre-approved after meeting strict requirements. The horses are provided by reputable trainers, dealers, and owners. Each horse shown at the event has a minimum of 3 show videos, a hack video, conformation photos, show photos, and a current USEF number. Existing X-rays are available on demand prior to the event. Transparency is highly valued at the Event, and no stone is left unturned when approving the sale horses.
  2. THE 3-DAY FORMAT ALLOWS BUYERS TIME TO RE-VISIT NUMEROUS HORSES OF INTEREST IN ONE CONVENIENT LOCATION. Say goodbye to extensive travel! View and try sale horses of all levels available for sale or lease from numerous trainers at the Event. Interested in multiple horses shown on the first day? Trials are easily reserved for the rest of the weekend without the hassle of driving between barns, making hotel reservations, and the overall stress that typically surrounds the process of horse shopping.
  3. EXPERIENCE THE SALE HORSES’ REACTIONS TO NEW SURROUNDINGS AND A SHOW ENVIRONMENT. Trying horses at their home barn limits the buyers ability to gauge their mount’s adaptability to new situations and riders. At the Event, horses will be shown over horse show fences at Galway Downs Equestrian Facility, allowing the buyer to understand each horse’s personality and rideability in a show setting.
  4. AN ENTIRE DAY DEDICATED TO CLIENT TRIALS. Did your trainer love the horse? Find it suitable for their amateur or junior client? Great! Sunday is entirely dedicated to the clients, allowing them to get a feel for the horses their trainer approved. Spacing out the trainer and client trials allows the horses and riders to meet with a blank slate so the trainer can appropriately judge the pair and determine if they make the dream team.
  5. PRE-PURCHASE EXAMS HAPPEN ONSITE! Don’t worry about finding vet local to your sale prospect, or wishing your personal vet was there to perform the check themselves! The Event has a list of reliable veterinarians available to perform vet checks on the final day (Monday), but also encourages buyers to bring along their trusted veterinarians as well.


The Sport Horse Sales Event will be held at Galway Down Equestrian Center on October 11 to October 14. Approved sale horses will be advertised soon! Hosted by Ramsay Equine Select and Papillon Stables