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5 Reasons Why Horses Make The Best Valentines

February 13, 2020
5 Reasons Why Horses Make The Best Valentines

Today is Valentine’s day! Whether you have a significant other to spend the day with or not, Team Equivont knows that for equestrians, horses will always be the #1 Valentine. Here's 5 reasons horses *always** get the top spot in our hearts:*

1. They Shower You with Love Year-Round

Whether it’s slobbery (sometimes unwarranted) smooches, a beautiful show round, or a light nicker when you arrive at the barn, your horse loves you. The bond between horse and rider is unique and powerful, unlike no other. There's no better reason for them to be your Valentine this February!


2. You Reciprocate Their Affection

Relationships are a two-way street, and we don’t know a single rider that doesn’t love to spoil their horse. Anything from a horse cookie to new shoes or shiny custom tack, riders gift their horses year-round. Believe us when we say, everyone would have a human Valentine if we gifted each other like we gift our horses. However, luxurious shoes every 4-8 weeks are barely affordable for our horses, so our significant others usually have to make do with the occasional new socks and candy bar. That’s why we stick to our horsey cuddles.

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3. You Spend All of Your Free Time Together!

We don’t know a single equestrian that would sacrifice barn time for date night! The two of you are joined at the hip, and your horse will never annoy you (or your parents) like a boyfriend can. Horsey Valentines are pre-approved and probably going to stick around for the long run.


4. Everyone Around You Probably Knows More About Your Horse Than They Would Like To

Friends (horsey and non-horsey) frequently get confused about who’s life your social media is documenting: you or your horse? (Definitely your horse). It’s only natural that your horse would be your Valentine considering they already have different highlight reels on your Instagram based on their mood, lesson schedule, or daily outfits!

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5. Horse-Rider Photo Shoots are Way Cuter Than Couple Shoots

Every rider’s camera roll is full of precious portraits documenting time spent with their best friend, whether it’s impromptu iPhone snaps or professional portraits! Your horse has likely been featured on every holiday card, is framed in your home, and hasn’t had to be photoshopped out of family portraits if things didn’t quite work out.

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Team Equivont has no doubt that you and horse will have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! So don’t fret that a knight in shining armor might not be sweeping you off your feet to gallop into the sunset on this fine Friday, that’s what your horse is here for! And don’t forget to shop on Equivont for that special Valentine’s gift your horse deserves!