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5 Ways to Make Your Tackroom Glamourous and Original

5 Ways to Make Your Tackroom Glamourous and Original

Written by Andrea Knowles from Equine Residences

1. Use lighting to make your tack sparkle...

and to remind yourself that it is important to clean and keep tidy and organized. We all know tack isn’t inexpensive to replace, and is usually beautifully made and adorning your equine best friends. We suggest overhead lighting (a pendant, flush mount or chandelier) and some LED strip lighting (not pricey, we promise!) if you have a great place to install it.


2. A sink and hook to hang and clean your gear is helpful and can look lovely.

We like hooks that are pretty and functional, faucets that articulate and sinks that are deep and match the metal finishes in the rest of the space.


3. We love comfortable, but elegant, seating in fabrics that are exquisitely made and long-lasting.

One of our current favorites is Ralph Lauren’s “Wool Plains” tartans which are a wool blend. They don’t show dirt, but look like a million dollars.


4. Bring in decorative touches and personality.

Your home is most likely a reflection of you; make your tackroom a reflection of your whole barn family. How to do it: Fresh flowers - Whenever you pop by the store, grab a bunch of in-season flowers and put them somewhere in your tackroom each week. Or an orchid that only needs a couple of ice cubes a week to stay happy for months. This makes all the difference.


5. Arrange your ribbons, trophies, coolers and other prizes in a way that makes your barn look like the winner you are!

Find items like trays, candleholders and keepsake boxes at places like Buy a special mirror to hang on the wall or, if you have the space, a floor mirror. We love one with an equestrian look. Soft furnishings such as rugs, curtains and blankets warm up your space and make it feel more like home. Stay tuned for our collaboration with a European company of our new forthcoming line of home goods! We can’t wait to share it with you.


Finally, treat your tackroom like a safe room; it holds your valuables and is a place you can congregate and share special occasions and down time when you’re at your home away from home. Your Equine Residences!

Equine Residences is a design firm specializing in equestrian facility builds. They work with their clients in any discipline to create a barn that is beautiful, functional, happy and healthy for your horses. Learn more about Equine Residences and their design services on Equivont.