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5 Ways to Stay Sustainable In the Stable

5 Ways to Stay Sustainable In the Stable

Do you bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store? Or have you stopped using plastic straws to save the sea turtles? Here are a few more ways you can go green at the barn, from all natural tack cleaner to recycled plastic girths!


1. Oaklyn Tack's Fleece Girth Made From Recycled Material:

Oaklyn Tack's Terra Girth is a double-elastic girth made out of recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic water and soda bottles and less commonly from pre-consumer waste. This girth is easy to clean and care for with a removable wool liner that is machine washable, making it an environmentally friendly schooling essential.


2. An Capall Equestrian's Performance Polo Shirts Made From Recycled Fibers:

An Capall Equestrian's Performance Polos are stylish and sustainable. Whether you are trying to stay protected from the summer sun or warm in the winter, these gorgeous polos a versatile and effective and made from recycled fibers. Choose from their many colors to stay fashionable in the stable or on the street. An Capall Equestrian puts it best: Our shirts are eco-chic and sustainably produced - the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Because earth is the only planet with horses.™


3. The Infused Equestrian Horse and Human Essential Oils:

The Infused Equestrian incorporates all-natural essential oils into their products for horses and humans. Minimizing the use of harmful chemicals in your daily routine is beneficial to your health, your horse's health, and the environment! The Infused Equestrian offers a wide range of natural, essential oil products like their Show & Go Bundle that is perfect for at home or at the show and includes grooming essentials like fly spray and hoof conditioner. But their products don't stop at equine essentials! Also, check out their essential oils for riders like The In gate Roller Blend, a combination of Ylang Ylang, Cedar Wood, Bergamot and Grape Seed oils that promote confidence and mental fortitude. These all-natural products are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to products that contain harsh chemicals and toxins that can be damaging to you, your horse, and the environment!


4. Equus Soap Co Chemical-Free Soaps For You and Your Pets:

Equus Soap Co offers a multitude of different chemical-free soaps to be used for anything from washing your hands, cleaning your tack, or bathing your dogs and horses! Their wide range of products boasts safe, chemical-free ingredients that are gentle on whatever you are cleaning. Protect your tack and the environment with their Saddle Soap, which comes in different all-natural scents like licorice, lavender, peppermint, and more! Or try their Equine and Canine Field Spray that is effective at preventing flies and gentle on your pets' skin!


5. Equestrian Wellness Non-Toxic Essential Oil Skincare Products:

Naturally, equestrians tend to collect a little (try: a lot) dust and dirt when at the barn, so proper skincare is crucial to keeping ourselves happy and healthy. Equestrian Wellness offers a variety of all-natural skincare products infused with essential oils to help clear away dirt and keep riders feeling their best. Products like their Aloe + Rosewater Facial Mist contain only organic and all-natural ingredients to brighten your skin and your mood! Protect your skin and the environment from harsh chemicals by switching your daily pre-barn routine to some of Equestrian Wellness's non-toxic products!

These are five easy ways every rider can incorporate sustainability into their horsey life! Shop all of these brands, and more, on!