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Frankie Thieriot Stutes: You Never Know Where an Opportunity Might Take You

September 25, 2018
Frankie Thieriot Stutes: You Never Know Where an Opportunity Might Take You

I was introduced to Frankie through Lisa Takada. About 30 seconds into our first phone call I knew she was a #bosslady and someone I could learn a lot from. As founder of Athletux, she has been through the emotional roller coaster of starting a business while still riding during the journey. Through her encouragement and offer to help, she gave me the hope I needed to go for it and chase the dream of Equivont. She has given me more support than she may realize, so naturally I wanted to learn more about what keeps her on the back of her horse.

Frankie is an amateur eventing rider who currently competes Chatwin at Advanced level (yes, the really big jumps that don't fall over). She describes Chatwin as "a fun loving horse who is very hard working on a daily basis but always lives life with a sense of humor. I have been fortunate enough thanks to the help of my amazing cousin Zib Thieriot to have Chatwin since 2014. He is like a part of my family at this point. He lives at my house, lets my kids sit on him and is very special to me."


Though Chatwin plays a big role in her life now, her first Advanced horse Fric Frac has been the most influential in her life. He "still lives at my house at age 25 has been with me since I was 12. He is like the wise old owl and has been there for me through so much. Every horse I have had has really played a special role but if I am having a hard day as silly as it may sound, just going and hugging him can make me feel a million times better. I have loved him for many many years and he is still a wonderful horse I feel incredibly lucky to see daily", says Frankie.

Frankie has learned a lot from horses and most importantly, that "you never know where an opportunity might take you or what will happen next. You realize how much the people around you matter when things don’t go how you dreamed them up."

Speaking of opportunities, I would bet riding at Advanced level has stemmed from that life lesson. On the topic of her and Chatwin staying fit for competition Frankie said she "ride[s] Chatwin [her]self and does all of his training. Currently getting ready for a CCI 3* it typically involves riding him 2x a day (once walking for an hour or so)." She also supplements her own fitness with orange theory or gym classes.


I asked Frankie what advice she had for other competitors. Her response: "Try to take in the small moments and remember why you ride. For me I am always better at a show if I can find a way to have fun."

The thrill of competition is unlike anything else but its the day to day practice that keeps us on our game: "Riding is my time alone in the day. My mental escape and even though there are days it would be easier not to ride, it helps me be focused and better in the other areas of my life", Frankie.

I wondered how Frankie started riding in the first place, her response was that "No one else in my family rides. I actually began riding at age 3 when my mom placed me in pony camp because of my wild nature. I took to it and have been riding ever since. I rode through high school, college, corporate work, starting my own companies and having my two boys. It has been there in every stage of my life and is my time during the day to decompress and let my mind rest a bit from the crazy of everything I have going on during a daily basis."


When Frankie isn't riding Chatwin, she's spending time with her sons and husband, running Athletux and crafting up beautiful handbands through her Frankie Cameron line. #LifeGoals. Thank you, Frankie for being our featured rider and for being a great partner of Equivont!