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American Stalls: Behind the Scenes

American Stalls: Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with American Stalls and learn about how they design and build equipment that fits seamlessly with your day-to-day life.

This project began in early September 2020.

Initial Conversions:

We started with some basic details. Details included:

  • Client wanted to build an 8-stall barn which was similar to their existing 6-stall barn
  • Client wanted to include other components including barn entry doors, Dutch doors, barn windows, and hinged stall partitions
  • Client wanted certain partitions to swing open to transform regular stalls into larger stalls for foaling purposes.
  • Client primarily works with larger breeds

We then determined what was important to our client including:

  • Ventilation — This was important because of the climate (South Florida)
  • Sunlight — Client wanted to take advantage of the natural sunlight.
  • Rust protection — South Florida's climate can be unforgiving to most materials. Client wanted materials that would stand up against rust.
  • Visibility — Client will have foals in this barn so visibility and a clear sightline was key.
  • Elegance — The client wanted the look of European stall fronts.

After going back and forth on design and function goals, our drafting team generated the following designs:


This stall front was designed with the purpose of:

Increasing ventilation and visibility with the mesh across the stall front

Achieving an elegant look with the European stall front design

Achieving warmth by adding wood inserts at the center and bottom

Allowing for the client's horses to socialize in the barn


This Dutch Door design with the purpose of:

Allowing for plenty of natural sunlight to enter the barn

Increasing ventilation through the Dutch door's top - allowing it to be open during most days

Achieving a classic American look and feel through cross bucks on the bottom

Maintaining safety by adding fixed grill guards behind the glass portion on the top.


This barn entry door was designed with the purpose of:

Allowing for plenty of natural sunlight to enter the barn through the glass top

Achieving a classic American look and feel through cross bucks on the bottom

Being hurricane proof to hold up to South Florida weather conditions

Once design was finalized, we began production. This meant to first start with raw materials...

Our raw materials include only the best steel components including:

  • 14-GA United States Steel
  • Pre-Galvanized Steel
  • 2" square tubing on our stall front frames
  • 1" round bars on all of our steel bars
  • 2" x 2" Welded Wire Mesh for Mesh Bottoms
  • Industry leading TGIC Powder Coat Finishes

Once raw materials, steel tubing, and other components are sourced. Our team of craftsmen (yes, true craftsmen, not just any welders) begin working their magic.

Once all welding is complete, all of our equipment then goes through a quality control check to ensure that all welds are smooth and grounded. After this quality control measure is done, our client's equipment is ready for its final powder coat finish.

Once our stall equipment's powder coat finish has dried, we do yet another quality control measure to ensure that the powder coat is consistent and thick. If not, we then have each product re-coated again.

Once all of our components are safely packed, we safely load them on a dedicated flatbed truck. Once loaded on the truck, all components are then tapped and ready to deliver to our client's farm.


Stall components delivered to our client's farm and ready to unload

Once all of the horse stall and barn door equipment is unloaded from the flatbed truck, we are then ready for installation...


Client's existing barn (left) and new barn (right) ready for a brand new horse stall and barn door components

Although this barn's installation is not complete, we are thrilled to see the progress in installation. We have included some photos to show you how this barn has come to life with the installed European stall fronts and barn entry doors. Next up, our client's team will install beautiful, stained pieces of lumber to complete the components. Lastly, our client will then outfit their barn with proper stall flooring and a chandelier to tie the entire barn together.

Before Lumber Installation


After Lumber Installation



Simple design.

The best raw materials.

Manufacturing that is based on 26 years of experience.


American Stalls manufactures custom equine equipment including stall fronts, stall partitions, wash bays, grooming bays, portable horse stall systems, and flooring solutions. Their mission is to supply high-quality infrastructure that enables sustainable, long-term growth at equestrian facilities. Shop American Stalls products now on Equivont