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Andrea Jaclyn: Balancing Passions

Andrea Jaclyn: Balancing Passions

Andrea Jaclyn is Co-Founder of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills. She does hair for multiple LA-based equestrians and still finds time to make it to the barn to ride her wonderful horse, Cosmo. “He’s an angel, I’ve learned more since riding with Tracy [trainer] and Cosmo than I ever have in my life, it’s so rewarding to improve every week!”

Like most amateur riders, there is an art to balancing riding and working, even more so when both major passions. Andrea Jaclyn has found the perfect way to combine her passion for horses and beauty, though they are far apart on the spectrum.

Advice from this busy #bossbabe is, “Work hard, prepare for the worst but expect the best. An attitude that others are there for you and want you to succeed goes a long way. You attract the energy you put out, do what you need to do to keep your energy amazing...riding is what keeps me sane among the wonderful madness that has become my life!”

Andrea’s passion for beauty and horses started from a young age. “I started riding when I was eight. My aunt lived in Minnesota and asked my mother to go see a horse for sale in Chatsworth as we lived in Anaheim. Friday after school we hit the highway for the hour drive there to snap a real film photo of the Welsh Cob for my aunt. (Yes, polaroid, this was 22 years ago!) The second we walked into the barn I knew I would become an equestrian. I loved everything- from the outfits I saw the girls in, to the stunning horses that flooded the stable, to the hustle and bustle of the grooms handing the smartly dressed girls their horses. Whilst my mother was in the meeting with the trainer, Janina- an impeccably groomed English woman with an ever apparent disapproving look on her face, I continued to whisper in my mom’s ear to ask this lady if we can back for a lesson. She obviously smacked my leg and told me to sit down and let her finish speaking to the nice lady. I of course, always knowing exactly what I wanted from an age too early to remember, kicked my mum in the shin as hard as I could until she stopped and said, ‘For heavens sake, my daughter would like a lesson, when could we come back?’ Delighted at my feat I sunk in the prickly wood bench and watched the girls ride, quiet as could be, until of course I spotted the horse I wanted to ride”

Horses aren't her only love, Andrea loves fashion and beauty and has found a way to have the best of both worlds. “My dream to own my own salon started young as did my love for doing hair. After ten years of working incredibly hard, every holiday and saying yes to every opportunity I finally saved the beginning of what it would take to start my own salon. I raised the remaining of the funds needed around the same time I met my now fiancé, Sonny. He saw me struggling to juggle doing hair and the business aspect. All my stress lifted when we decided to quit his job and run our company. We signed the lease and started demo soon after and I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we opened!” Sonny not only supports her business endeavors, but enjoys spending time with her at the barn- where can we find one of those?


Like the rest of us, Andrea has learned some serious life lessons from these wonderful animals. “Horses are so humbling, no matter what’s going on in your life you have to forget it and focus on your lesson and the beautiful animal you’re on. I find it’s one of the only times I truly am only thinking about what I’m doing in the moment verses the one million things we have going on”

Thanks, Andrea! If you are in Beverly Hills, stop by the Bomane Salon to look fabulous and chat about what brings us all together- the horses!