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Andrew Jayne: From Intern to Trainer

Andrew Jayne: From Intern to Trainer

A Random Start

At the ripe age of 18, up-and-coming rider, Andrew Jayne, was a simple Taco Bell employee in San Diego where he was blessed with Mandy Porter's presence in the drive through. Fast forward a few years, and Jayne is now competing in West Coast Grand Prixs against Porter herself.

Now recently married, he resides as a Maplewood Stables' trainer alongside Julie Winkel. Jayne is no stranger to Maplewood, where he began riding with Winkel at age 14 after 4 years of fox hunting with the Red Rocks Hounds in Reno.

During the same time, Andrew was on the National Modern Pentathlon Team. Don't worry, we had to Google it, too. A Pentathlon is an athletic event involving fencing, shooting, swimming, riding, and cross-country running.

At age 17, Andrew began showing and focusing his energy solely on horseback riding. After completing Winkel's Horse Industry Training Program, Jayne took a job with Rusty Stewart where he groomed and gained valuable experience showing young horses. Jayne spent about three years working for Stewart before making his was back to Maplewood, where he has made his home.


Daily Life

As one of Maplewood's head trainers, Jayne spends his days riding between eight and ten horses, as well as teaching lessons. Jayne's show horses are ridden six days a week, with a strong emphasis on flat work intermixed with cavaletti and grid work. Maplewood Stables has access to miles of trails and hill work opportunities, meaning Sundays are butt days: Ample amount of turnout and trail access keeps his horses fit and happy.

If that doesn't sound like enough work, Jayne maintains his own fitness alongside his horses' by working out with Bindee Eberle, his personal trainer, on Mondays. #thegrinddon'tstop

Top Horses

Through Jayne's time at Maplewood he's had the pleasure of riding two very influential horses, the first being Georgia Brown's Onyx. Onyx is the first horse Jayne ever jumped above 1.20m, and eventually showed him in his first Grand Prix.

The second prominent horse in Jayne's career is his current Grand Prix mount and Maplewood home-bred: Cartel. Fun fact: During Jayne's intern years while Cartel was getting started, Winkel wouldn't let Jayne ride him because he was "too nice". Now the pair have joined up and ridden to many top Grand Prix placings, including two wins this year!

Photo by Alden Corrigan Media

Looking Forward

One of the most important lessons Jayne has learned from riding and horses is patience; "there is no worse feeling than getting frustrated with a horse and getting off after a ride knowing you've just wasted that whole time being mad because you didn’t take the time to explain something to them". Jayne has also learned to persevere, and advises young riders to "keep at it no matter what you're doing or what your goals are". Jayne continues to push himself because riding and competing are "addicting", and he his always striving for perfection; although, Jayne acknowledges "the perfect round doesn't exist".

Looking forward, Jayne has set his sights on becoming competitive in the bigger 1.50m Grand Prix, and is looking forward to continuing to compete in the Longines World Cup Qualifier classes.

Team Equivont wishes Andrew the best of luck as he pursues his goals!

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