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AniCell Success Story: Severe Melting Ulcer

AniCell Success Story: Severe Melting Ulcer

AniCell extends the ACTIVE life of animals by recycling amniotic material to create an all-natural regenerative treatment for veterinarians to treat tissue related injuries in animals. Unlike their service-based competitors who harvest the stem cells from the animals they are going to treat, AniCell collects and produces affordable, field-ready products available the same day as diagnosis with no harm to animals. Below is one of the many success stories of horses treated with AniCell products!

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Ty, an 18-year-old quarter horse gelding with a history of uveitis gets diagnosed with a severe melting corneal ulcer of the right eye with questionable rupture. The owner believed the horse was having a similar episode but when the clinical signs of excessive tearing and keeping the eye shut (right eye) persisted for 2 weeks she called Dr. Zach Bruggen of Elite Equine. Dr. Bruggen order EquusCell AniOcular and while waiting for it to arrive, the owner aggressively applied triple antibiotic, anti-fungal and serum to eye.

Initial picture of wound upon diagnosis.


On July 3rd, 2019, the sutures were removed. Eye was micro-ophthalmic indicating rupture. Staying optimistic continued to treat eye aggressively with medications to see if the eye could be stabilized further.

On his March 5th visit of Ty, Dr. Bruggen commented, “After first of the year the eye looked amazing and he has good vision in the eye.


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