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Barn Tour – Picture Perfect Black & White Barn in Florida

Barn Tour – Picture Perfect Black & White Barn in Florida

Step inside an elegant black and white barn situated in Southern Florida.

Behind every new horse barn is an equestrian who has been dreaming about the moment when their barn is finally ready. For Melina of MPM Sport Horses, the wait is over. She designed her modern, European inspired barn to be a functional space and gorgeous space. The barn features 5 roomy stalls, a tack room equipped with a bathroom and laundry room, wash stall and a feed/storage room. Melina teamed up with American Stalls to provide a variety of custom products including their stall fronts, stall partitions, exterior barn doors, window shutters, stall mattresses and other accessories.


The project broke ground in 2020 and was finished at the end of 2022, with a majority of the work and time being dedicated to Melina’s home which was simultaneously being built.

Photography by Cassidy Brooke Photography

Melina has had a passion for horses her entire life, but never could have predicted she would make a career out of doing what she loved. She has been riding for 24 years and running her equestrian business since 2019. She specializes in importing and developing young horses and riders.


White barns are timeless and Melina found inspiration from another stunning barn previously showcased on Stable Style.

“When looking for design inspiration, I definitely leaned on Sequoia’s project with DarkHorse. From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I was inspired to bring my own farm to light in a similar clean and modern environment.”

White is always a conversation starter when it comes to maintaining and cleaning, but Melina opted for easy to maintain materials for her stalls.


“I think my favorite feature is that everything is a composite material which makes it easy to pressure wash and keep clean without the risk of deterioration.”

The mesh European horse stall fronts offer a clear sight line into the stalls and provide optimal ventilation for Southern Florida’s warm climate. Stainless steel hardware allows the doors to open and close with ease.


The barn features American Stall’s high profile European stall fronts. The stalls are 14′ x 14′ and equipped with stall mattress systems provided by American Stalls for extra comfort.


Water buckets are filled with ease inside the horse stalls with shut off valves located on the exterior of the stalls. The plumbing and water lines are integrated into the stall fronts’ design to allow for seamless watering which is a stall upgrade provided by American Stalls. The horse stalls also feature grilled feed doors with stainless steel plungers to toss hay or grain into the stalls.


Each stall has a Bedding Blocker system installed to keep shavings where they belong, inside the stalls and out of the aisle.

Black rubber pavers are found throughout the barn aisle for a safe, anti-slip surface. These Rubber Pavers provide excellent amounts of comfort for tired feet while also providing traction in wet Florida weather.


Every barn needs a little art – these horse portraits were also photographed by Cassidy Brooke. Tack Room

Melina’s saddle racks are from Schneiders Saddlery. The bridle rack is from Smartpak.


The beautiful hinged exterior windows are also by American Stalls. Each window is built using solid steel-frame construction and then filled with composite HDPE material. Similarly, the barn doors are built to last and compliment the barn windows perfectly.


While Melina is busy enjoying her new barn, a brand new riding arena is being contracted by Wordley Martin. She also has a set of custom hunter/jumper schooling jumps on the way from Dalman Jump Co. Thank you American Stalls and MPM Sport Horses for sharing this beautiful project with Stable Style.