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BC2A® Formula: Timing Is Everything. BC2A has a key to unlock exercise potential in the horse.

BC2A® Formula: Timing Is Everything. BC2A has a key to unlock exercise potential in the horse.

Absorption rate data provides specific guidelines for giving BC2A® branched chain amino acids. BC2A® Patented Oral Paste participated in an absorption study showing the most effective window for maximum availability is 30-60 minutes prior to exercise.

Adding BC2A® oral paste formula 30-60 minutes prior to exercise supplies a premium circulating reservoir of branch chain amino acids used for supporting the demands of working muscles at the time of exercise.

Branched Chain Amino Acids Works to:

  • WORKS TO DECREASE LACTIC ACID PRODUCTION IN MUSCLE Studies have shown BC2A® to reduce lactic acid concentrations up to 50%. Promoting the efficiency of muscle contraction-relaxation cycles.

  • WORKS TO PROTECT, BUILD AND REPAIR MUSCLE BC2A® formula is designed to optimally minimize the breakdown of muscle and liver protein during exercise in turn supporting protein synthesis by muscle.

  • WORKS TO DELAY ONSET OF MUSCLE FATIGUE By having supplemental pre-digested branched chain amino acids in correct ratios in the moment of exercise, this may provide an additional readily available energy source.

  • WORKS TO REDUCE EXERCISE INDUCED MUSCLE SORENESS Offering branched chain amino acids in proper ratios prior to and following exercise may reduce the severity of duration of muscle soreness.

  • WORKS TO SUPPORT CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING Studies show consistent with an increased capacity for work, the horses given Patented BC2A® exhibited up to 15% slower heart rates at a given level of exertion.

  • WORKS SAFELY TO SUPPORT THE HORSE Participates in the BSCG Certified Drug-Free Program for Equine Athletes. Please visit for more information on the certification process.

Evidence indicates that Patented BC2A® supports muscle function .

Patented BC2A® reduces Lactic Acid Accumulation in the blood of working horses. When equine athletes were conditioned in a controlled manner on an equine treadmill the group that received BC2A® 30-60 minutes prior to exercise bouts exhibited much smaller increases in blood lactic acid concentrations at the end of the sessions than those that were given water placebos. The Patented BC2A® supplemented horses exhibited only half the increases in blood lactic acid concentrations.


Cardiovascular conditioning also was supported by using Patented BC2A®, in that those horses had added aerobic conditioning showing decreased hearts rates.



Absorption rate data provides specific guidelines for giving BC2A® branched chain amino acid formula. Peak levels where attained within 30-60 minutes.

BC2A® L-crystalline predigested form is easily absorbed rather than digested. Thus, a circulating reservoir of correct ratios of branched chains are readily available to the muscles within 30-60 minutes of giving BC2A®.

  • Weekly Training and Stepping up for Performance Events: Give one entire tube, 30-60 minutes before each workout for reduced lactic acid and heart rate benefits. For young horses heading to the track for the first time, or returning horses following layoff, give one entire tube, 30-60 minutes before work & within 30-60 minutes following work for 4 consecutive days.

  • Muscle Tightness: Can give one entire tube at the signs of muscle tightness. Wait one hour and provide an additional tube to continue providing circulating branched chain amino acids.

  • Trailering: Give one entire tube of BC2A®, one hour before loading. Can be repeated on arrival.

  • Weekend Warriors: With infrequent training or intermittent performance demands, can provide one entire tube 30-60 minutes before work.

With BC2A® … Muscle Performance is built into every tube!

BC2A® 55 gram or BC2A® 88 gram serving size for horses 1000 lb. and up.


L-Crystalline form of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, L-Carnitine HCL



BC2A® stems from years of research, field testing, and keeping our eye on the highest quality ingredients with the most stringent manufacturing practices. We use our products on our own horses every day proving our commitment to providing your horses with the very best formula. Learn more about BC2A® and their products on Equivont.