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Behind the Business: American Stalls

Behind the Business: American Stalls

Horse stalls are one of the largest capital investments that your business will make toward your horses’ safety and facility’s financial health. This is why American Stalls designs and builds equipment that fits seamlessly with your day-to-day life. Their equipment is designed for horse people by horse people. Learn more about American Stalls’ history, products, and business advice in this Behind the Business Blog!

American Stalls has quickly become a well-known name in the equine industry. What is lesser known is the fact that this family owned and operated business is one of four total companies managed within the family. Branching off from their traditional high-tech steel manufacturing for international construction, steelmaking, electrical, and fencing industries, American Stalls originated as an “Equestrian Division” in 2005. The company dove headfirst into the horse world with their first project for HITS Horse Shows: build 1,500 stalls for HITS Saugerties. This deal of constructing stalls evolved into producing horse stalls, jumps, turf components, and much more for HITS Horse Shows, and led to the formation of American Stalls, a company with a heavy hand in the equine industry.


American Stalls boasts a range of high-quality products, from permanent and portable stalls to stall gates and equine flooring. All of the American Stalls products are only constructed with high-quality materials because they believe, “your end product is only as good as what you put in it”. Coupling their clean steel with their superior craftsmanship, American Stalls produces designs that are safe and functional. Although the ownership and management team began this adventure into the horse industry with no previous equine experience, they have built up their top-notch sales, design, and marketing teams with “tried and true equestrians” which only further proves American Stalls’ dedication to providing the best products for horse and rider’s comfort and safety!

If you thought constructing 1,500 stalls for HITS Saugerties was a tall first order, American Stalls went on to arrange their portable horse stalls for two imported warmbloods for a 2009 Hermes fashion show in Los Angeles!


As a tried-and-true equine business, American Stalls was more than prepared for the onslaught of COVID-19 and its negative effects on businesses around the world. Amidst the nationwide Shelter-In-Place, American Stalls has continued to expand their team (they hired two new employees in mid-April!) and their product offerings. Through some rebranding and a slight “pivot” within the equine industry, American Stalls will continue to market their commercial stalls and gates all while introducing new custom equine equipment for private and commercial barns. Their new custom products include stall fronts, stall partitions, grooming ways, wash bays, tack room components, Dutch doors, and barn doors with the hopes of sharing their manufacturing expertise with a greater percentage of the equestrian industry.


American Stalls encourages other businesses to follow suit and take advantage of this challenging time by using it as an opportunity for a “reality check”. “Now is a great time [to] ask difficult questions [and] tackle those red flags, pivot, and do what’s needed to stay afloat”. They also remind fellow businesses to take care of their team members because “your team members are your business”. American Stalls emphasizes the importance of communication within a company as well as with vendors, suppliers, and customers. ”Communication and transparency are key to stability”.

American Stalls is proud to play such a large role in the horse industry and “hopes to continue earning the trust of more horse owners across the world as [they] continue to move forward”.

American Stalls manufactures custom equine equipment including stall fronts, stall partitions, wash bays, grooming bays, portable horse stall systems, and flooring solutions. Their mission is to supply high-quality infrastructure that enables sustainable, long-term growth at equestrian facilities.