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Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Equestrians

October 31, 2023
Budget-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Equestrians

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, the inevitable holiday shopping starts to close in. Buying gifts for everyone on your list adds up, especially if you’re shopping for equestrians…or if you’re an equestrian yourself trying to juggle paying your horse’s bills and holiday shopping. Not sure what to get that equestrian in your life without breaking the bank? This gift guide will help you pick something that they’ll love and that you can actually afford.

1. Treat Goodie Basket


This gift idea is easy on your wallet, but will be a hit with you equestrian friends! You can use a basket that you have at home, or pick up an inexpensive one at a home furnishing store. Then, pick out some horse treats to add as the centerpiece of the basket, like these Paddock Cakes or or Nibs. Bonus: you could even make your own to add a more personal touch! Next, you’ll want to head to the grocery store. For just a few dollars, you can spruce up this gift with a container of peppermints, a few apples, and some carrots. Put it all together and it’s the perfect goodie basket for a very lucky horse!

2. Riding Socks


Truly, no equestrian can have too many pairs of riding socks. They get lots of wear and tear and they’re an everyday necessity. This choice is super practical, and there are so many cute options to choose from!

3. Fenwick Ear Plugs


These Specialty Ear Plugs are a great option for anyone, but especially those with younger horses. They’re comfortable in horses’ ears, they use special calming technology, and they come with a spare!

4. Adjustable Belts


If you want to give them something more fun, an adjustable belt is a great choice! These elastic belts are fairly priced, plus they can be perfectly fitted to the rider because of the material and the sliding buckle. These are sure to be a hit!

5. Barn Hat


If they’re not wearing a helmet, I can promise you that they’re wearing a hat. Find a cute, horse-themed hat for the equestrian in your life.

6. Tack Trunk Essentials Kit


Long barn days mean that every equestrian has to have a stash of helpful staples in their tack trunk. Putting together a little kit with some daily essentials is a thoughtful gift for your friends with horses. Depending on your budget, you can adjust how much you put in, but definitely add in some SPF, permanent markers, disposable gloves, and a nail kit!