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Cali Browbands: Founded by a Young Rider with Big Dreams

November 08, 2018
Cali Browbands: Founded by a Young Rider with Big Dreams

Hayden Brown may just be one of the most inspiring kids we've ever met. At just 13 years old, Hayden has successfully started her own company, California Browbands, which she has named after her own super pony, Cali. She is driven with a huge work ethic, clearly on a path to make her big dreams a reality.

Hayden gives us some more insight into what goes on behind the scenes of her business. "I design and sew in the beads to the browband, and my mom strings the beads, and starts the first stitch." She finishes it off and gets the finished product to an anxiously-waiting customer, who are always so happy with the end result.


We asked Hayden to give us information about her riding background. She originally started out at a hunter barn, but switched disciplines to Eventing about three years ago, where she now rides in Buellton with Trinity Eventing. Here, Hayden began with "a barn pony named Dylan (my pony had an injury), and took him Intro through Beginner Novice. It wasn't an easy process, but he turned out to be an amazing little eventer. I learned a lot from him, and I also had the opportunity to teach him some of the things he knows now. I later rode a pony named Cori, who was a nervous, but an amazing jumping pony, with quite a personality. Now I have my large pony, Cali. I recently moved up to Novice on her, and still have a long future ahead of me with her and her great capabilities."

Hayden has learned a lot from her current pony, Cali. "She has taught me so much in the jumping phases about how to be confident and focused, so she can be too. Also in dressage, she has taught me how to be more accurate in a lot of ways."

On her business, Hayden comments, "Cali wears our browbands and has the first ever Cali BrowBand on her dressage bridle. I really hope this business is able to succeed and keep growing because we strive the most on quality if nothing else. We really want to give the riders the ability to choose exactly what they want for their horses' browband and be able to have it last long, and trust its high quality."

We want California Browbands to succeed, too! Be sure to check out Hayden's super browbands and design one custom to your horse. Thanks for chatting, Hayden!