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Choose This, Not That: Barn Products

Choose This, Not That: Barn Products

Originally posted on the American Stalls Blog

As a horse person, it is likely that you have likely been in dozens – if not, hundreds – of barns. When visiting barns, it is also likely that you have seen every type of imaginable product. This means that you have seen different types of horse stalls, horse stall flooring, hardware, fans for horse stalls, and even feed and watering options.

Despite the wide variety of products available, there is a high risk of choosing the wrong product for your barn. What do we mean by “wrong product?” For our team, a “wrong” products means that it is not optimal for your horses’ safety. “Wrong” also means that the product is not built with longevity and durability in mind.

At the end of the day, as horse people, we spend our hard earned time, energy, and resources into our horses and barns. That is why it is especially to choose products wisely to ensure your barn is safe and built to last.


To help you choose the right products, we have compiled a list of four comparisons for commonly purchased products. In this list, we will explain which products to choose over other products.

Choose This: Interlocking Rubber Mats

Not That: Straight Edge Rubber Mats

When it comes to your horse stall’s flooring, the first choice is often between interlocking mats and straight edge mats. In our experience, we always recommend clients to choose interlocking mats over straight edge mats. We make this recommendation because interlocking rubber mats allow for a closer, snug fit compared to straight edge rubber mats. This fit ensures that dirt, bedding, and liquids don’t find their way between mats. Secondly, we often find that interlocking mats do not curl up in the corners the way straight edge mats do over time.


To summarize, interlocking horse stall mats prevent common issues that occur with straight edge mats including excessive movement and overall cleanliness.

Choose This: Deep Guard Horse Stall Fan

Not That: Traditional Box Fan

High-quality horse stall fans are crucial in any horse barn. They are essential to keeping your horses cool and barn well-ventilated. Stall fans are moreover important in the summer season.


That all being said, we have been countless barns that use the wrong fans in their horse stalls. The most commonly used stall fan is the box fan – which is also the most dangerous fan for a horse barn. Why? It is because these fans are often not rated for agricultural use. This means that the stall fan’s motor is not fully enclosed and bearings are not sealed. This then leads to friction when dirt, dust, and debris accumulate inside the fans. This friction is ultimately a fire hazard.

When choosing a stall fan for your horse barn, we recommend our deep guard design horse stall fans over the traditional box fan. Our Stall Fans offer a significant amount of air circulation and offer safe design for your barn. Below are some criteria to look for when choosing your stall fans:

  1. Ensure the the motor is fully enclosed with thermal protection
  2. Ensure that there are rubber grommets that protect electrical components
  3. Ensure that the fans are rated up to 2,250 CFM. Anything above that will move TOO much air in the barn. Yes, this is a possibility. Too much air movement will cause dust and debris to be pushed up.
  4. Ensure that the fan can be mounted at a high, unreachable placement in the horse stall

Choose This: Our Stall Gates

Not That: Traditional Stall Gates

Commonly overlooked, stall gates play an essential role in the horse barn. Stall gates – also referred to as “stall screens” – are a crucial piece of stabling equipment in every type of barn imaginable. This includes large boarding barns, training barns, and even backyard hobby barns.

In the equestrian industry, we have seen countless types of stall gates that are not built to our safety standards.


When it comes a stall gate, it is important that they follow the best safety standards such as:

  1. Safely spaced bars (no more than 1″ apart)
  2. If they use mesh, ensure that the mesh is high-quality 3-GA steel mesh
  3. Ensure that the steel frame is a minimum of 1″ tubing

These safety standards will ensure that your stall gates are safe and sturdy for your horses.


At the end of the day, we prioritize safety and durability in the horse barn. That is the utmost priority when we deal with our clients and their projects. The aesthetics and finish of your barn all follow suit once we set a standard for safety, durability, and longevity.

Do you have any questions or need pointers for your horse barn’s design? Feel free to contact us today at (855) 957-8255 or complete our inquiry form. Our American Stalls team is here to be a resource to help you build a barn that is elegant, safe, and built to last.