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Dr. Gabi Gross: Helpful Tips on Ulcer Medication

January 22, 2019
Dr. Gabi Gross: Helpful Tips on Ulcer Medication

Most of us have given Omeprazole (Example: Gastroguard(R) ) to our horse at one point or another- either to prevent gastric ulcer issues from arising in stressful situations or to treat them.

What you may not know is that the time of day is crucial to fully benefiting from this medication and avoiding undesired effects on performance.

Dr. Gabi Gross of Equolution, Equine Nutritionist and retired Veterinarian with a PhD. in Pharmacology, explains how time sensitive administration for this type of medication significantly impacts benefits and side effects when using ulcer medications like Omeprazole.

Listen to the podcast below to learn how the right timing can help you get the most out of ulcer medication.