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Draper Therapies: Meet Becky Shipps

November 27, 2018
Draper Therapies: Meet Becky Shipps

This week, we have the pleasure of catching up with Becky Shipps, Brand/Product Manger at Draper Therapies. She gives us insight into how she became involved with Draper Therapies, a therapeutic product company combining the technology of Celliant® into high-quality products for equines, canines, felines, and humans.

"I started working for Draper Therapies a little over six years ago. They were an emerging therapeutic textile brand in the equine industry that needed a horse person with branding expertise and through a twist of fate, we found each other at just the right time! During my time at Draper, Celliant® (the fiber that makes our products therapeutic) has become FDA approved, our product line has expanded to include several high-quality/high impact offerings, and our brand has become a trusted and friendly face within the equestrian marketplace." We can attest, not only are Draper Therapeutic products extraordinary, but their brand is a true pleasure to work with!


So, how did Becky fit the profile of the 'horse person' that Draper Therapies was looking for? "I started riding when I was six. My parents weren’t “horsey”, so I started with weekly lessons which quickly turned into leasing and then owning my own horse. I have always done hunters/equitation/jumpers but played around in dressage a few times when I was younger. I still own a horse (Calando - I’ve had him for 15 years) although he is currently out on lease at the moment."

Becky and Calando have a long history together -- and thus, she considers Calando as her most influential horse. "I have owned him for 15 years. He was my first green horse that I truly made all by myself. He could be challenging at times but he has a heart of pure gold. We won together, we cried together (or rather I cried, he stood there and let me like a good boy). Sometimes we were more like siblings than teammates - we definitely knew how to irritate each other but also how to cheer each other up. He’s definitely my once in a lifetime horse!"


As we all know, owning a horse (and riding in general) is a huge responsibility and also requires a lot of time and focus. We asked Becky how it is that she is able to balance her life as a businesswoman and as an equestrian. She said, "It’s not always easy keeping work and play separate, especially when both involve a lot of the same things! I think the key to keeping things balanced is making sure I am conscious of my schedule. Sure, there will be some super long days at the office or days when work follows me home, but I don’t make those an everyday habit. I make sure I take time to refresh, recharge, and do things that inspire me so that I can stay at my most creative. After all, it’s better for my business if I’m at my most creative when I’m working!"

And to finish up our chat with Becky, we asked her for some advice. She told us that the biggest life lesson that she's learned from horses is that, "Patience and a little empathy solves most problems." The wise words don't end there; she continues on with key points for equestrians that are eager to start their own businesses. "Network, ask for help, and never stop learning. You will have to wear a lot of hats so you have to be open-minded and seize every opportunity to learn, ask a question, or make a connection with someone who can help your business grow."

We appreciate you taking the time to speak with us, Becky! Don't forget to check out the awesome products Draper Therapies offers to keep you and your horses feeling their best!