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Draper Therapies Product Review by Kelly Wilson from Hunky Hanoverian

Draper Therapies Product Review by Kelly Wilson from Hunky Hanoverian

Hi everyone!

This is Kelly from the Hunky Hanoverian. I wanted to take a few minutes to write about one of my favorite companies- Draper Therapies. If you want more background about the therapeutic benefits of Draper Therapies products be sure to check out my blog post, where I talk a little more in-depth about Celliant and how it works, as well as give a thorough review about the saddle pad and polo wraps .



Photos by Jamie Brogdon Photography

A specific product review is not the point of today’s blog though. I talk to so many fellow equestrians who only reach for therapeutic products for their horses once a health issue is identified. We do plenty of other preventative maintenance for our best friends (think high quality feed, pricey supplements, chiro visits, etc) but using products made with therapeutic fabric isn’t as common in my experience. Not to mention, the phenomenon of not fixing it until it is broken is even WORSE in riders themselves, who overwhelming let their own ailments become chronic before attempting to address them.

In an effort to make our horses as comfortable as possible, and make their jobs easier under saddle by being in top shape ourselves, I feel like it only makes sense to get “double duty” out of products that we use in our everyday lives. You can probably see where I am going with this! Draper Therapies products are high quality, stylish, and functional everyday use, long before a problem ever emerges. Don’t feeling you need to wait until your horse starts stocking up to get their amazing no-bow wraps- you can go ahead and start using them after hard jump schools. Every equestrians knows that a cooler is an essential item for winter time riding, Draper Therapies has several lovely options that not only perform like traditional coolers; they also help improve the rate of muscle recovery. Everyone needs a saddle pad- why not use one with therapeutic fabric that's also gorgeous and washes well? They aren’t just for horses with tight/sore backs after all.



Photos by Jamie Brogdon Photography

Don’t forget about yourself! We have all felt that post-ride soreness from time to time, especially after we have one of those ride where we end up eating dirt. Draper Therapies has everything from comfy throw blankets which benefit rescue dogs, to bed covers, socks, and t-shirts. The pajama pants are a special favorite of mine. They are super soft and lightweight material that keeps you warm and I swear by then warding off leg-soreness after long rides.

Whatever your needs may be, consider getting double-duty out of your products even before health-issue sneak up!

Thank you to Kelly Wilson from the Hunky Hanoverian Blog for this great review! Love Draper Therapies? Let us know to be featured in your own product review!

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