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Embrace a New Era of Horse Training

January 18, 2024
Embrace a New Era of Horse Training

Are you looking for a way to further your connection with your horse? Do you yearn for a horse handling approach that resonates with your ethical values? Look no further than Starr Horse Retreats, pioneering a hands-on, natural horse care, and Positive Reinforcement (R+) focused horse handling certification program. This course is the first of its kind, blending the knowledge and application of honoring horses and healing humans into a comprehensive program.


What Makes Positive Reinforcement (R+) Different? R+ stands apart from traditional pressure and release methods. It's a technique that eschews the use of fear or pain, instead utilizing a reward-based approach. This method encourages the horse to willingly participate in the training process, fostering a bond built on mutual trust and respect.

About the Program​ The Whole Horse - Whole Human Program: A Holistic Approach This unique program covers a spectrum of training areas, including natural horse care, Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) principles, R+-focused training, and lesson instruction. It's not just about the physical aspects; the program also delves into the mental and emotional skills necessary to effectively work with horses, work with people, and launch and maintain a business.


Whole Horse - Whole Human covers three areas of training:

  1. Equine Enthusiasts (Owners)
  2. Equine Education Experts (Professionals)
  3. Equine-Assisted Education

Areas of Training

  1. The Horse Care Course​​ On-site, hands-on practicum with rotating horse-teachers Off-site observation Equine bodywork Saddle fitting Hoof care Veterinary overview Science-based training methods Shaping plans for foundational behaviors Shaping plans for husbandry behaviors Shaping plans for groundwork Shaping plans for ridden work

  2. Business Development Course Creating a business plan​ Developing a website Branding Social media Client relations Consulting and mentoring others Creating training plans Creating shaping plans Executing your plans: Tailoring your sessions Reading your horse Adjusting your plan as necessary

  3. The Horse-Human-ship Course A psychometric tool for humans and horses to better understand problem-solving and communication styles Tailoring and leveraging thinking and communicating preferences Mental and emotional skill building for self, clients, and horses Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills​ Studying and applying learning theory Holistic healing modalities


Course Structure: Blended Learning for Comprehensive Understanding For this blended learning, certain online modules are required before the in-person work, while other modules will overlap with your in-person work.

Some of the practical and demonstrative certification requirements can be met during residency, and the case studies will be assigned and completed after you return home.

The in-person segment runs from March 24, 2024, through April 21, 2024, with a special BETA cost of $1499. Lodging at Starr Horse Retreats is included, with participants responsible for their own food and housekeeping.

The course offers a blend of online modules and hands-on experience. Key components include:

Two days per week of demonstration and coaching with Ari Krause at Starr Horse Retreats. Three days per week of experiential assignments with the herd. Optional day trips to Haven Horsemanship for advanced coaching.


The schedule includes hands-on training, practicum with a herd of 13 horses, and optional field trips to enrich your learning experience. It culminates in a demonstration of proficiency and a graduation celebration.

About Our Teacher Arielle Krause, our Positive Reinforcement Horse Training Coordinator, is a pioneer in this field. With a background in traditional training methods, Ari shifted to R+ techniques, achieving remarkable results in both horse behavior and human healing.

Your Stay at Starr Horse Retreats Enjoy free lodging in our Chalet, Bunkhouse, or Container Cottage on our 30-acre equestrian facility in Minden, NV. The facility boasts four arenas, a 10-stall horse barn, Gathering Grounds, and 30 acres of pasture with multiple obstacle courses.

Join Us This Spring! Embark on a path that not only enhances your skills in horse handling but also deepens your understanding of the horse-human connection. At Starr Horse Retreats, you're not just learning techniques; you're becoming part of a movement that honors and heals both horses and humans. Start your journey now. Message Ari Krause with Haven Horsemanship to secure your spot with a $500 deposit.