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Eques Pante: Ride In Comfort, Ride With Protection

Train with Shelby is an equestrian athlete and personal trainer that needs clothing that can keep up with her versatile lifestyle and Eques Pante does just that!

Developed by an equestrian for equestrians, Eques Pante riding knickers are built to meet riders’ needs, both in and out of the saddle.

Eques Pante slims and sculpts your figure, while wicking away sweat and keeping you dry, preventing uncomfortable rubbing and chafing.

The 5 star reviews don't stop with Shelby!

"....Eques Pante are revolutionary" @BethUnderhill

"....I cannot show without them!" @HopeGylnn

"....I highly recommend these, the quality is superb!.. @Oleary.Shelby

"...Amazing! Where has this been!".. P Anderson

Eques Pante is available in a variety of colors on Equivont!*