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Equifit BELLYBAND® Works Wonders

July 31, 2023
Equifit BELLYBAND® Works Wonders

The Equifit BELLYBAND® is a staple for any rider with a lazy horse. This product seems to be the most effective way to prevent spur rubs and sores short of taking spurs off altogether. To that point, some horses are sensitive enough to get rubs from boots alone.

Made with durable elastic and clasps to clip to your saddle, this belly guard stays in place well. Unlike other products on the market, it comes in four sizes, so you can ensure the perfect fit and avoid slipping.


How long your BELLYBAND® will last before you need to replace it will depend on multiple factors (how often you ride, the size of your spurs, proper washing/care, etc.), but the high quality materials are extremely durable without being bulky. Your horse can still feel and respond to your leg without experiencing skin irritation. Worth every penny.

Now, if they would just allow it in the hunters…