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Equine Laser Therapy... Major Pain Relief Courtesy Of The Multi Radiance Laser

Have you been interested in Equine Laser Therapy but are unclear on how it works and its direct benefits for your equine athlete? Soundness Solutions is here to outline the process and positive effects laser therapy can have for your horse!

Laser therapy has zero side effects and endless benefits:

  • Increase Performance

  • Treat Swelling, Pain & inflammation

  • Joint Maintenance

  • Blue Mode; kills fungal and bacterial issues

  • 300% Faster Recovery

  • 70% faster Healing; soft tissue, fractures wounds etc..

Interested in purchasing your own laser? Soundness Solutions has options available for purchase on Equivont! The ACTIVET 200watt Lasershower and the ACTIVET PRO 50watt LASER are two lasers available for you to perform Equine Laser Therapy at home!

Soundness Solutions has been providing therapeutic services to the equine industry for 10 years. They specialize in therapeutic laser training and education for horse and rider. Questions? CONTACT HERE