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Equitex: Making Measurements for Custom Trunk Covers

June 07, 2019

Getting a custom trunk cover is not only super easy with Equitex by Katie Cook's Custom Tack Trunk Covers, but it's most definitely worth it, too!

A custom trunk cover can act as an additional water repellent layer to keep your precious goodies clean, safe and dry. It'll help preserve the longevity of your trunk for years to come! Plus, they look tidy and are an excellent way to represent your barn logo or colors. The custom tack trunk covers by Equitex are available in 3 fabrics with multiple options like padded tops, zippers, and a moisture barrier for additional water resistance.


Katie shows us these simple measurements to jot down to have a trunk cover that is fully fitted to your trunk, no matter what the size is. Check out these examples of custom trunk covers by Equitex, and visit Katie's page for Custom Scrim Sheets, Custom Wool Dress Sheets and even Custom Stall Drapes and Awnings for the barn.