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Equivont Holiday Gift Guide

November 18, 2020
Equivont Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and the Equivont horses definitely made the Nice List this year! Check out what our furry friends are wishing for this gift-giving season for some inspiration as you make your list and check it twice!



Equivont CEO Jessica DiCostanzo’s fabulous event mare, Cocoa, has been extra nice this year and knows it!

“First, I’d like to thank Balancer Plus for helping me secure a spot on the nice list, I’ll definitely be expecting more of that in my stocking!”


“And, because I love my mom, a few more pairs of Free Ride Equestrian Breeches are my other must-have! Finally, a pair of breeches my mom doesn't look frumpy in! I love the color options and connection with my back!”


“Finally, Muscle Refresh Liniment by Equinutrix Nutrition cannot be skipped because nothing is better after a jump school or cross country school than liniment on my legs, and I know I earned it!”



Val’s Christmas wish came early this year: she found her new mom, Jess, on Equivont!

“What more could a mare want than a loving home and a new mom! But since you’re asking, some extra Sweets Party Treats would be nice, too!”


Nothing quite compares to a shiny new pony under the Christmas tree - you can find yours on Equivont!



Equivont Co-Founder, Jaclyn Harris's newest family member (courtesy of Top Horses, LLC!) Hank is ready to be spoiled this holiday season!

"I've made the long trek from Europe to California, and I'm already killing it at horse shows in the US thanks to SynNutra GastroMend, which helps keep my appetite up and my ulcers away! I'm definitely expecting some more in my stocking this Christmas!"


"And I may have a cute face but my back is a little out of sorts, which is why the Success Equestrian Hunter Half Pad is at the top of my list this year! I've heard it will make my saddle feel so much better!"



Jaclyn's sassy mare narrowly made it on the nice list this year, but she secured her spot thanks to her stellar performance at the last show!

"Sometimes at horse shows, my mom smells worse than I do, but not when she brings Soap For Dirty Equestrians!"


"While my mom is dealing with her own aroma, I know I can trust Wild Gold Camelina Oil! It's my favorite supplement because it helps my feel great, and my coat looks amazing! I'm hoping for a restock of this under my Christmas tree!"



Baby’s accustomed to a life of spoils, which is why he has high expectations for his mom, Equivont Marketer Mikayla Vosseller, this holiday season!

“At the top of my list is a brand new Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet to match my set of Therapeutic No Bow Leg Wraps and Polo Wraps. I’ve been busting my butt all year long for my mom and I deserve the full set!”


“Speaking of my mom, can someone please get her the Essential Helmet Spray by Equestrian Wellness?! Love her, but that helmet hair makes for some smelly snuggles.”

“And I second Val on the Sweets Party Treats, those would make a great stocking stuffer since I wasted my second gift on my mom!”



Equivont Sales and Account Manager Kelsey Holmes is ready to set the bar high for Blue’s first holiday season as a Holmes!

“Standing in puddles in the turn-out is my favorite activity and Thrush Buster cures my thrush instantly! Going to need more of that this winter.”


“I also love chewing on my mom’s hats and think this Island Girl Hat would taste - I mean look- great on her!”



Kelsey’s schoolmaster mount will not be overshadowed by his younger brother! He too has quite the wish list!

“Baby told me all about the Back on Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet he’s asking for this year and it really got me thinking… a Back on Track Therapeutic Exercise Sheet would feel great on cold chilly mornings to help my back stay warm and relaxed during our rides.”


“As always, I’m thinking ahead to the next show season and my New Year’s resolution. This coming year I’d like a new challenge! The jumps in my arena have seen better days, but I’ve had my eye on those JB Horse Standards that are sure to prepare my mom and me for the next level! I promise to jump over the moon with these aluminum fences!”

*Still not sure you’ve found the perfect gift? Browse Equivont to find the perfect present for every horse and rider in your life! And make sure you check out our Black Friday specials and other holiday sales. Happy shopping!”