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Equivont’s Guide a Successful Quarantine at the Barn!

April 10, 2020
Equivont’s Guide a Successful Quarantine at the Barn!

Just when everyone thought flu season was coming to an end, the world was overcome by the Coronavirus Pandemic. In a time of shelter-ins, self-quarantines, and so much uncertainty, Team Equivont hopes this blog finds all of its readers in positive spirits and good health! Hopefully you are fortunate enough to spend these trying times with your pony partner-in-crime. Even though the barn will never be known as a sanitary sanctuary, it is still crucial to practice safe social distancing to prevent the spread of germs and disease. Continue reading to learn about some of our favorite products, tips, and tricks to conquer your quarantine at the barn!

Obviously the number one rule for preventing the spread of germs is wash your hands! This is Equivont’s friendly reminder that it is imperative that you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water as frequently as possible. Of course, not all barns provide warm water, or even sinks, but a hose is better than nothing! Walmart may be all out of soap, but Equivont is not! Check out some of our favorites, like the Soap for Dirty Equestrians bars or the Equestrian Wellness Stable Hands Hand Soap. The Equestrian Wellness Stable Hands Hand Soap stores great in your tack trunk, and its pump limits contact with surfaces that can collect germs and bacteria.


Do you find yourself still drowning in barn chores during your quarantine and (even though you know it’s important) forgetting to wash your hands frequently? The answer to your whirlwind schedule, and possibly the next best thing since sliced bread, is the Equestrian Wellness Upper Hand Sanitizer! This all-natural hand sanitizer is made with non-drying, organic ingredients all contained in an easily pocketable tube! A little spritz on your hands in between stall mucking or turnouts could make all the difference in the fight against germs!


At this point, everyone is aware of the importance of washing their hands, but did you know it’s almost just as important to keep your skin moisturized? Constant washing and sanitizing causes your skin to dry out and crack (ew!), and combine this with the usual barn-chore calluses, your hands have become the perfect home for bacteria and germs. Cracks in the skin provide germs and bacteria with the perfect breeding ground, not to mention a new place to enter your body. To combat this unfortunate side-effect to sanitary precautions, we recommend keeping the Equestrian Wellness Hand Salve in your back pocket (alongside your hand sanitizer)! This hand salve consists of organic, bacteria-fighting (double whammy!) and skin soothing oils that combat cracked and dry skin. And while you’re keeping your hands hydrated, you may as well check all the boxes with chapstick and hydrating face serum... No cracks, no corona!


Now that we have the sanitization basics out of the way, let’s discuss trading in the hazmat suit for a more stylish look while continuing to fight the good fight! If you don’t already ride with gloves, now might be a good time to start. Riding gloves are a subtle quarantine hack you might have overlooked, but Equivont did not! Riding gloves serve many purposes:

  • Protect against blisters, calluses, open sores (again, new sites of entry for bacteria and germs!)
  • Limit direct contact with tack that can easily be a breeding ground for bacteria (seriously, who forgot to sweep the tack room again?!)
  • Cotton gloves, like the Lami-Cell Pimple Palm Gloves, can be washed regularly!


Gloves help limit direct skin-to-surface contact for your hands, but couple them with a cute sunshirt tucked into your breeches and you almost have the complete hazmat suit again, but this time cute (and probably less scary for your four-legged friends)!


*One of our favorite sun shirts is definitely the WIT Equestrian Equivont Logo Sunshirt

Ready to complete the look? Paper masks are so last week, step up your style with a trendy scarf that can be used to cover your face and limit inhalation and exhalation of germs! Sharing is not caring. Feeling creative? If scarves aren’t your style, try converting myMareCo’s Moisture Wicking Headbands into a face mask! These headbands are the perfect size to cover your mouth and nose, are light and breathable, and wash easily!


Clean and moisturized hands? Check! Runway-worthy anti-germ garb? Check! Looking to go the extra mile in keeping yourself safe from illness? Try EnviroEquine’s EpiCor Immune Booster! This supplement is proven to support a strong immune system and good digestive health; plus, it’s vegan, gluten-free, and kosher! Why risk your health, and precious pony time, when this intensively studied supplement is available at the click of a button?!

We mentioned before that riding gloves help limit your contact with possibly bacteria-ridden tack, but it doesn’t hurt to keep that clean, too! Not only can you actively prevent bacteria and germ growth with quality saddle soap, but it will ensure your tack’s longevity and safety when you ride! At a time like this, one of our favorite products on Equivont has to be the Butet Akene Soap! Like the Equestrian Wellness Stable Hands Hand Soap, the Butet Akene Soap’s pump dispenser limits surface exposure to germs and bacteria which can easily grow on that old, cracked glycerin bar your horse just stepped on in the crossties. Couple leather soap with pure. A Bit Wipes and there is sure to be no COVID hiding in your bridle keepers! These bit wipes allow you to wipe your bit down with non-toxic essential oils, and then you throw it away! No more moldy sponges or slobbery rags because, let’s face it, your horse has definitely licked some questionable objects in the turnout.


Whew! There you go, all of Equivont’s secrets to slaying your stable shelter-in! Feeling tired or stressed after a long day of sanitizing, germ murdering, plus your typical barn tasks? Then don’t forget to add the Equivont Wine Opener to your shopping cart so you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of wine (Quarantini?) as you mentally prepare to get back out there and kick some Corona butt again tomorrow!

Of course, Team Equivont loves to make light of these trying times, but please do remember to wash your hands, practice six-foot social distancing, and stay safe while we tackle this unknown together!