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Introducing Ingo Wolters: Shoe Fairy(-er)

January 16, 2019
Introducing Ingo Wolters: Shoe Fairy(-er)

Meet Ingo Wolters, farrier extraordinaire, of Euro Horse Shoeing. He's got a plethora of knowledge about horseshoeing and we were lucky to pull him aside for a couple of quick questions! Follow along with our Q&A session!

Ingo tells us about himself, the process to become a farrier in Germany and how it compares to the process in the United States.

We were interested to know about common hoof problems he notices when shoeing sporthorses. Make sure to keep an eye out for them in your own horses!

A farrier's job isn't just about hooves. They must understand the science behind the overall soundness of the horse and it's confirmation. It takes teamwork between farriers, vets, and trainers to find the best strategy for your horse.

Thanks for chatting, Ingo! To our readers: we hope you learned a little more about horseshoeing and the process behind the scenes of becoming a farrier! Here's just one final clip to get you through your Wednesday...