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Everything You Need To Know About Top Jock Tack Boxes

Everything You Need To Know About Top Jock Tack Boxes

You've probably heard of them -- and maybe even drooled over some of their products... well, welcome Top Jock Tack Boxes to Equivont! This week, we speak to Jenny O'Leary, Sales and Marketing Manager of the beautiful tack box company.

The story is quite simple: Top Jock Owner, Joseph Moran, founded Top Jock Tack Boxes in 2012, after a request from his wife Anna, for a durable, weatherproof Tack Box that resembled what she wanted to store her tack in. There was not a one-of-a-kind strong, safe and customizable Tack Box for her to purchase on the market.

Having spent most of his life working with horses, competing in shows and studying Equine Science in the University of Limerick, Ireland, Joseph predominantly worked in the construction trade with his father. When the recession hit Ireland, the construction trade was badly affected and so, with an undying love of horses alongside a wealth of carpentry experience, the Top Jock dream was born.

We asked Jenny how it is that she got involved with this groundbreaking company. She said, "I studied International Marketing in Ireland and after graduate school, I moved to NYC. With a passion and love for animals, marketing and growing businesses to their potential online, I knew I wanted to work an industry that allowed me to use my passion and skill together. I met Joe Moran in NYC – we talked about social media first, and it all started from there."


With Jenny's help, we've compiled a list of things you should know about Top Jock Tack Box.

1) These tack boxes are fully customizable.

Jenny goes into detail on this point: "Joe can literally create any layout or add any feature! Coffee Machine, LED lights, Fride – you got it!! Jock Tack Boxes are made to measure and are customized to your specific requirements, both inside and out. Any size dimensions, color and layout are possible. All Tack Boxes are finished with a solid oak engraved panel with your name or barn name. For sponsorship, all Tack boxes can be fully branded with personalized HD graphic panels and HD logos." This means you can go all out on those barn customizations and personal branding! Our personal favorite comes with a built-in champagne fridge!

2) Joe is always looking for ways to innovate the Tack Boxes to be even better in quality, lighter and more spacious.

He's already made a newer model of the Double Door Silver Edition Tack Box that's slimmed down and has an added element of plastic to prevent any possibility of damaging the wood.

3) They're incredibly durable.

Joe uses the best materials that he can find to create the perfect tack boxes. As previously mentioned, the wood on the tack boxes are beginning to slim down in size as to help with weight, but this doesn't change the fact that the boxes are sturdier than ever! They are made to be your tack's home for many years to come.

4) They'll always keep you show-ready.

Jenny told us that her favorite box is the Double Door Tack Box. "It offers clients space, customization and it is made to be easily transported. I love the versatility of the layouts Joe can create and all the extra features you can add. The personalized graphics add an eye-catching feature and some of the images we receive are simply stunning spread across the Double Door." You can transport your tack and equipment in complete style, totally organized and ready to get you in the show ring!


5) It's the best way to protect your equipment.

The boxes can be fully customized or will otherwise have a convenient, organized set-up so that you can fit your goods in all the right spots and be on your way! The doors each have their own secured locks, so you can be sure that only those with the key can get into the box. Your equipment is safe not only from potential thieves but from rain and other elements that Mother Nature throws your way!

The best news is you can easily contact Top Jock Tack Boxes right from, or reach out to them on their social media. Their Instagram @topjocktackboxes highlights many of their features. Go check them out!