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Jordan Matrisian: Shortcuts aren’t an Option

October 29, 2018
Jordan Matrisian: Shortcuts aren’t an Option

We've got our first junior rider, Jordan Matrisian who rides in jumpers, hunters and equitation. Jordan and her horse, Chakira B are rocking the 1.15ms.

Though a junior rider, Jordan has been for quite some time already- she started riding at just over a year old! Jordan's grandparents helped fuel her passion by leasing horses for her ride as a child. At four years old, Jordan got her first pony “Silver Belle” aka “Sterling.” Jordan says,"I rode that same pony all the way from the leadline and walk classes in Florida up through the 1.05m jumpers in California. Along the way, we did hunters, equitation, derbies, and jumpers. We also had lots of fun trail riding, bareback riding, and going for the occasional swim together in Florida."


Her eyes are set on becoming a trainer/professional rider in the future. Jordan explains, "I love everything about horses, not just the riding, and I enjoy all facets of horse care so even a barn management job would be great if training doesn’t work out. My goal is to go as far as I possibly can and to never stop learning and keep pushing myself to get better. I’d love to be a Grand Prix rider someday and hope that it is in store for me but if not, I’ll always stay involved in horses in one way or another."

Horses run deep in this junior rider's blood. Jordan's mother imports horses and is including her daughter in on the action. Jordan explains how her mom has helped her achieve her riding goals, "As a newborn, my first trip outside the house was to the barn was to meet my mom’s farrier. I’ve been hooked on horses ever since. My mom has gone above and beyond to support me in every way possible to get into and stay in horses. She saw something special about my love for horses early on and knew that I belonged in the barn. She realized how happy and fulfilling horses were for me and has done whatever she can to keep me in the saddle. She has pushed me to be the best I am capable of, supported me during the tough times, taught me things you can’t learn in any book, and been my groom, support team, hauler, and role model. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

As a brand new company, HJ Sporthorses, LLC is still coming together but my mom’s recent decision to start importing one or two horses at a time is definitely benefiting me as I am the main rider, trainer, and competitor. This gives me a lot more time in the saddle and experience riding different horses. I am learning so much more having the ability to work with more horses than we can afford to personally own so it is helping me develop into a more well-rounded experienced rider. Additionally, the long-term plan is for me to bring a training business up under the HJS umbrella when I am older and ready to begin my own business."


Jordan is taking advantage of online school to accommodate her riding with a more flexible schedule. Her schedule involves riding 5 days per week, focusing on her competition horse, sales horses and her pony where we can fit in. " I try to ride three horses a day unless my schoolwork is really heavy. My mom helps by grooming and taking care of the horses before and after so we can fit it all in. She also tries to take me and my horses up to my trainer, Gry McFarlane of Windfall Farm, for training once or twice a week", Jordan praises her mom's support.

Jordan is no stranger to excellent care for her horses. She advises her fellow competitors to "invest time into the grooming and care of your horses. They appreciate it and it is very gratifying to both you and the horse. They will also try harder for someone who invests time in them. The love of the animal is what it’s all about after all, right?"


Jordan goes on to appreciate these animals by commenting, "Horses don’t have to do what we ask. They can seriously injure us without a second thought. They choose to have relationships with us and that is really special. That is why it is important to always put in the hard work and long hours to give them top notch care. Shortcuts aren’t an option. What you put in is what you get out. When you show them love, kindness, and empathy, you will find that your horses will reward you tenfold and your relationships with them will be so much greater, stronger, and satisfying."

Like many of us there is no better feeling than a great ride. Joran loves "the challenge of communicating through body language and being part of success when no words are exchanged is amazing and humbling to me. The fact that a 1200+ pound animal and I are a team is the most exhilarating feeling ever!"


Keep an eye out for this rockstar rider and #bossbabe in the making!