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Feeding Horses Effectively and Healthy

How can you give your horse all baseline nutrients needed, assure the feed gets utilized while saving money on your feed bill? Equine Veterinarian, nutritionist and horse health coach Dr. Gabi Gross, PhD. states that 30-50 percent of all feed, hay and supplements go wasted into the manure if physiological and nutritional principles are neglected. This presentation describes the feed stuff and nutrients needed for horse health and nutrition and what to do to ensure your horse gets what is needed. The introduction explains how this approach is different from conventional Veterinary Medicine and Equine nutrition. A few examples for chronic issues in horses demonstrate the power of horse health coaching. These examples are Equine Metabolic Syndrome, horse allergies (welts and hives) and chronic hoof problems (white line disease, frequent thrush, hoof abscesses and coronet band dystrophy). Basic nutrients are discussed in quality, quantity and how-to, such as water, hay, grains (bucket feeds) and supplements. The lecture tackles a few common myths about horse health feeding.

FIONA Horse Health Coaching FIONA stands for: Functional Integration Of Natural Approaches. Horse Health Coaching for chronic conditions. FIONA Horse Health Coaching also offers classes for horse owners and trainers, and new career pathways for horse people. This approach was developed by Dr. Gabriele Gross, German Veterinarian, Nutritionist and Herbalist.

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