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* Grid of the Week #2 *

* Grid of the Week #2 *

Get ready to take your horse's jumping to the next level with this week's grid exercise! This grid is perfect for both experienced and green horses needing to improve their bascule over fences and strengthen their hind end.

To set up the grid, start with an elevated pole followed by a vertical on a bounce stride, repeating this setup for a minimum of three times before ending with another elevated pole. For less experienced horses, simply begin with the poles on the ground instead of elevated. (Find sketch above for setup and measurements)

As a rider, it's crucial to ensure you have a quality canter with plenty of energy before entering the grid as there is little to no room for adjustments once you're in. While riding through this grid, focus on staying tall and out of your horse's way to allow them to figure out their footwork on their own.

Take your jump school to the next level with this grid and share your progress with us below!