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How to dress up your equestrian apparel for every occasion!

 How to dress up your equestrian apparel for every occasion!

Ever wondered how to dress up your equestrian apparel for every occasion?

It is hard enough to find stylish equestrian clothes, but to make a fashion statement outside the barn with dressage attire is usually rather difficult. At Dressage Queen Dream we rise to this challenge and are designing not only dressage apparel that looks beautiful in the arena and the barn, but also is comfortable to wear. Beyond that we pride ourselves that the high quality, exquisite cuts and signature silhouettes easily transition into daily life. Dressage Queen Dream is not only for the accomplished equestrian, but for every body, who is looking to make a statement with their style.

We took the guessing if it is possible out of the equation:

1. Hot date, or a night out with the girls?

Pair your riding shirt with a leather jacket, and yes, you can keep those breeches on! Loop a belt through the loops and add a fancy buckle and you are ready to paint the town burgundy!


2. Brunch time or just going shopping or for lunch?

No need to change out of your riding shirt! Add a blazer and change into your jeans, or leave those breeches on! Add a pair of heels and add a tie if you dare!


3. Glamorous evening out?

No reason to leave the equestrian vest that kept you warm during your morning ride at home! Over your favorite fancy dress it adds just the right amount of equestrian chic to your outfit wherever the night takes you.


4. Fancy winter event?

The perfect place to rock your duck down riding coat! Beautiful on your horse and keeping you warm at the barn, it also accessorizes perfectly with a gown and keeps adding that warmth you loved with your favorite partner at the stable.


Dressage Queen Dream is a luxurious equestrian lifestyle brand made for a Queen. Dressage Queen Dream designs timeless equestrian apparel that will take you from the arena to the office in a seamless transition. Each piece of clothing is designed to move with the horse & rider without compromising the chic style. Available on Equivont.