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Jumper Tables for Dummies

October 31, 2019
Jumper Tables for Dummies

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alphabet-song-equivalent for the seemingly endless list of jumper tables that everyone was required to learn in kindergarten? Unfortunately jumper tables probably won’t be making it into the state-mandated curriculum any time soon, but Equivont is here to help! No more guessing, Googling, or pestering your trainer ringside with these handy mnemonics!

Table II, Section 2a → A fter the class

The jump-off takes place after every entrant has completed the first round. This format is commonly used for Grand Prix and Classics.

Table II, Section 2b → B uzzer

If you go clear in the first round, STOP and WAIT for the buzzer that signals the countdown to start your jump-off. Again, emphasis on waiting for the buzzer!

Table II, Section 1 → 1 st is the fastest clear!

This is a speed round, so run like the wind! But please don’t scare your trainer, the goal is to actually go clear.

Table II, Section 2c → C ontinue!

This is a power and speed class. The first half is like the first round of of 2a/b, you must have power to go clear. If you are clear in the power, CONTINUE, DON’T STOP, KEEP GOING and ride the speed (jump-off) immediately. If you have any faults in the power (rail/stop/time) you will be buzzed out before the speed half.

Table II, Section 2d → D o or Die!

This table is similar to the power and speed class in the sense that the course is technically two parts, but you ride the second half no matter what! Again, do not stop, it’s DO OR DIE!

Table III → Just run

Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a mnemonic for Table III but it is a faults-converted round, meaning each rail or stop is an additional four seconds added to your time rather than a cumulative score. Basically you can run like a bat out of hell, have a stop and every jump down, and possibly win! Although I’m sure your trainer would prefer a correct, technical, and efficient round, which is also more likely to guarantee you that blue ribbon.

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