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Lauren Beechler: Perfecting Her Craft In and Out of the Saddle

Lauren Beechler: Perfecting Her Craft In and Out of the Saddle

Lauren Beechler of Lauren Ashley Films is an artist in more ways than one. Beechler’s passion for grace and beauty stems from her long-term love for dressage—an art form of its own—and has woven its way into her career of creative videography and photography.

Beechler began her riding career as an eventer but fell in love with dressage around age 17 and has not looked back since. Working under a top US dressage trainer, Beechler earned opportunities to show up to Prix Saint George aboard Rambo. This impactful mount fueled Beechler’s obsession with perfection, which kickstarted her successful career as a videographer.

Only two years ago, Beechler discovered a love for another form of art besides #horsedancing; what started as casual iPhone video edits of horses and athletes became a full-time job: videography. Beechler combined her passion for horses with her creative personality and began Lauren Ashley Films.


Horses have, and will, always be influential in Beechler’s life, teaching her patience but also driving her search for perfection. The most important lessons Beechler has learned through riding are to stay humble and that “there is no such thing as perfect. You have to keep perfecting your craft and you never stop learning”. Beechler notes that these values are evident in her work now as a videographer; she wants her videos and photos to be perfect and accurately reflect the emotion behind the shots.

As a businesswoman, Beechler has found happiness and success by combining her passion for riding and creating art, but still works to balance it with spending time with her family. Beechler advises fellow equestrian entrepreneurs to “work hard, stay honest, and be yourself”. Just like in riding, when starting a business it is important to stay humble, persevere, and continue learning.

Lauren Ashley Films uses passion behind the lens to capture your most memorable moments, and is available for hire for creative videography and photography for equestrians, athletes, and brands. Visit Lauren's profile to learn more about her available packages.