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McLain Ward: Everything You Need To Know About Cytowave Equine Therapy

McLain Ward shares his experience using Cytowave Equine Therapy

If it's good enough to McLain Ward, it's good enough for us!

What is Cytowave?

The Cytowave is used to improve performance, improve recovery time, and keep your horse at the top of his game.

This is a noninvasive treatment that has no analgesic effect on tissue, requires no sedation or medication, and is easy to use. The Cytowave uses SQUID technology to repair damaged tissues throughout the body.

SQUID (Superconductive Quantum Interference Device) Therapy means signals are delivered via magnetic therapy. This signal is naturally occurring and the body recognizes it as its own. When placed on a treatment area, the Cytowave reads and communicates what is happening in the body on a cellular level. A signal is derived from the body's measured injury signal subtracted from a measured healthy signal to deliver necessary treatment amount. This eliminates the possibility for over treatment or stimulation and encourages the body's natural healing process. The magnetic fields are stored in the Cytowave machine and electromagnetic waves are delivered through coils to the treatment site.

The Cytowave can be used to aid in the healing process for a vast amount of injuries or for maintenance purposes. Results show consistently 5x faster healing rates in injured horses with consistent treatment. Improvement can be noticed in as little as 45 minutes.

This unique therapy method differs from other modalities because it measures signals directly from the body- no guesswork needed. There are no light therapy, shock therapy, or ultrasound methods used. This proprietary STS - Electromagnetic treatment method is not PEMF and should not be confused with this older technology.

Can't wait to try? Learn more about Cytowave here. The only thing your horse will feel is better.

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