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Meet Gallagher - Gallagher's Water

Meet Gallagher - Gallagher's Water

My name is Gallagher. I'm an Irish Sport horse gelding and I had a drinking problem. It all came to a head on my way to the USEA American Eventing Championships in Lexington, Kentucky. We were traveling from my home in Louisiana with some barn mates and my horse-Mom was at the wheel.

We occasionally stopped for fuel and water breaks but, YUK! The smell of the water was horrible at the places we stopped along the way. I didn't dare drink any of that water! It wasn't anything like my water at home. I discussed it with my barn mates and we made a pact. None of us were going to drink a drop. It was a boycott!!!

My horse-Mom was flipping out, but I really didn't see a problem. She brought me some stuff that she added to the water. YOWZA!!!! It smelled just like freshly-cut hay! I took a taste and I couldn't stop at one sip or even two. I slurped it down and emptied the bucket – two gallons of water went down nice and easy.

Well, horse-Mom was beside herself. She was so happy. She tried it on my barn mates and they all caved in and couldn't help themselves. The slightly sweet, slightly salty green goodness got the best of them. She even tried it on me when I hauled to another show. I saw that bucket coming and I was all in! I heard it has some good stuff in it, too, but I'm in it for the heavenly hay bouquet and sweet-salty flavor.

My drinking problem is a thing of the past. Now, I look forward to drinking my water at horse shows and after workouts. Horse-Mom is much happier these days. She refers to this water as my water – Gallagher's Water.

Gallagher is a sugar-intolerant horse. A lot of care went into making this product so that he could enjoy it every day without fear of harming his health and the health of other horses.


Gallagher's Water is a product unlike any other. The best way to describe this product is the equine equivalent to gatorade. With top of the line research and ingredients it's no wonder horses can't get enough. Learn more about Gallagher's Water and all the products they have to offer on Equivont