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No Panty Lines, Please

No Panty Lines, Please

As riders, we know any old panties won’t do. We need quality, durable athletic underwear that stays put while it also slims, sculpts, cools, wicks sweat, dries quickly, prevents chafing, and looks cute. Oh, and no panty lines under breeches and jeans, please.


Developed by an equestrian for equestrians, Eques Pante riding knickers are built to meet all our needs, in and out of the saddle. Crafted of EquesPant Blend, a proprietary, sustainably made performance textile, Eques Pante is proudly made in the USA using ethical, environmentally conscious practices.

My story - Jessica Andrews


After many years in the saddle, Eques Pante founder Jessica Andrews noticed her knickers were lacking. They didn’t protect. They didn’t support. They didn’t wick moisture, and she often ended up with a rash. Jessica tried every brand of athletic underwear under the sun, to no avail. Ultimately, she realized that if she wanted supportive, stylish, and high-quality riding underwear, she’d have to make it herself.

Having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years, Jessica has extensive experience helping women feel confident and beautiful. As founder and director of On Location Hair & Makeup, she provides makeup and styling services to the entertainment industry and on red carpets worldwide, with a client list that includes celebrities, producers, directors, and other successful women.

Jessica has been an avid rider since childhood, when she could often be found tearing around the English countryside with her pony, Pepper. Now based in the US, she still loves a good gallop on her horse, Nahlea, but reins things in on the centerline.


Eques Pante riding knickers recently launched February 1, 2021 and are available now on Equivont! Check out their various colors and get rid of your panty lines in the most comfortable way!