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Non Tranquilized Sheath Cleaning with Hallie Eisenhauer

Non Tranquilized Sheath Cleaning with Hallie Eisenhauer

Hallie Eisenhauer Equine Services includes non tranquilized sheath cleaning, exercise riding and horse transportation, with 43 years of experience and excellent references.

A little bit about me…I began riding when I was six years old. Being with the horses provides a therapeutic feeling that I can find nowhere else. I have a classical dressage background and I have rescued several horses. I work day in and day out in order to provide them safety, proper care/nutrition and love! I am a truly dedicated and committed horse lover! They are my passion and I feel lucky to work with them every single day!


To answer the frequently asked questions… Where did you learn to do this? How do you do this without sedation?

Ever since I was young, I have always been in attendance for Veterinary and Farrier appointments, and any other potential learning situation involving my horses. I have watched, absorbed and learned along the way while spending dedicated energy filled hours at the barn. My wonderful trainer, who taught me 95% of what I know, exemplified how to be a kind and confident leader to the horses. When we provide boundaries, with kindness, we gain their respect and then we earn their trust. Flight animals are all about energy interpretation. We don't communicate in words with horses but rather we communicate with energy. Whenever I meet a new horse, I don't confront them with dominance… I confront them with kind confidence. Fortunately, I am never anxious around the horses and my energy reflects this. I provide calm to them in moments where they might feel fear. I touch my body to theirs so that they can feel my steady, relaxed, heart rate. I watch for body language signs that indicate acceptance before I proceed… My first few minutes of meeting a new horse are critical for their understanding of who I am. I am honored that they accept and trust me. I am grateful for the gift that I have been given!