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On The Go Vet Kit Essentials

Jennifer Wooten of Trinity Eventing is here to share the essentials to pack in your traveling vet kit. These products will prove handy whether you're heading to your next show or just down the road!

Essentials include:

Common Medications: Bute, Omeprozole, and Dormosedan. Please remember to discuss which medications to carry in your vet kit with your veterinarian so that you have the best brands and variations suited for your horse(s).

Thermometer + Alcohol Spray Bottle

Wound Wash: Chlorhexidine + Betadine. We also love the Antibacterial Wound Wash Duo Pack For Horse and Rider to help prevent the risk of bacterial contamination on minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Wound Care: Alushield, and Vetericyn. We also love the Equine Healing Salve by Sustenance Herbs!

Abscess Treatment: Epsom Salt Poultice + Diaper + Duct Tape + Soft Ride Easy Boot

Eye Care: Triple Antibiotic Eye Cream + Fly Mask

Quick Wraps


Fly Spray

FEI Rulebook (or rules from your governing membership)

Still not sure where to start with your vet kit? Check out the Equine Health Essentials Bag and the Pro+ect 150 piece first aid kit on Equivont!

Thanks to Mango the Cat and Winston for being the best barn assistants!