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Pure Harmony Equine: Outrageous Eventing Reins

Professional event rider Katy Robinson found the search for the perfect reins to be outrageous, which is why she teamed up with Pure harmony Equine to develop the ideal reins with durability and functionality in mind.

Pure Harmony Outrageous Eventing Reins utilize three-ply construction consisting of laced leather with cotton webbing provides a thick, tough rein that 1) does not fray, rot, or break easily 2) is easy to hold when wet 3) stays in place along the horse’s neck in the event of dropped reins and 4) gives the rider a sure, firm grip that doesn’t bite into fingers when the horse becomes strong in the hand while galloping.


These reins are very unique and there are no other brands that offer anything comparable! Available in Full (56") or Cob (52"), Havana or Australian Nut, and Plain or Raised Fancy Stitch, the Outrageous Reins can be used in every discipline.


Try them out for yourself; the Outrageous Eventing Reins are available for purchase on Equivont 🦄