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Riding School Essentials

February 22, 2023
Riding School Essentials

There are so many details that go into running a riding school. Of course there’s the business and management side of things, but then there are also many literal things that you need, too. Beyond the barn essentials for tack and horse care (saddles, bridles, wraps, poultice, etc.), there are a few items that any riding school should always have on hand.

Whiteboard/Cork Board

Put up a board in the tack room and write the schedule out each day so that you don’t have to answer a million “Who am I riding?”s. Use pins or magnets to add cute photos and important notes! You can even put an extra whiteboard in the feed room so you can easily update the feed list.


Storage Box for Snacks

Long days with a busy schedule often don’t leave time to take a proper lunch break. Storing your snacks in a big bin will help keep out dust, rodents, (and your students)!

Mini Fridge

It’s helpful on the days that you remember to pack a lunch, plus you can keep it stocked with water and other refrigerated snacks.

Phone Charger

It’s never worth risking having no way to make an important call when you’re overseeing several kids and horses.

First Aid Kit

For obvious reasons…

Permanent Markers

They’re especially helpful for labeling supplements, blankets, and more so you don’t lose track of everyone’s stuff.

Lots and Lots of Rags

For wiping horses and children.

Leather Hole Punch

It can be a challenge to make tack work for a wide variety of people. For example, you might not have short enough stirrups for a tiny rider, and putting an extra hole in the leathers could be a game-changer.


For when you have extra hands and the jumps need a touch-up.