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Sara Shier Photography: Have a bay horse? Here's what to wear to your Horse and RiderSession

Sara Shier Photography: Have a bay horse? Here's what to wear to your Horse and Rider Session

Sara Shier, from Sara Shier Photography, shares five tips for planning your horse and rider photoshoot!

Picking what to wear is the biggest struggle EVERYONE goes through when it comes to planning their photoshoot. The extra dilemma us equestrians have to think about is our horse’s coat color. Just like when your shopping for a new hunt coat, your horse’s coat color can really complement or distract what you are wearing.

Here are my tips for styling next to a bay horse!

Color Palette

Having bright jewel tones like pinks, reds, blues, and purples will not only allow yourself as a subject to pop next to your horse, but also are the most attractive alongside their coat.


Mood or Style

These colors in either deep shades such as a hunter green, royal blue or burgundy will give you an overall luxurious and strong look. You can also work with these shades in cool pastels for a softer and romantic feel.


I provide these exact details and inspirations for all coat colors for my Horse + Rider clients because its a super important detail in the overall feel, mood, style, and end result of your session! So if your dreading booking a session because you don’t want to go outfit shopping, don’t worry I got you. I’ll help take the guessing game out of the equation!

Sara Shier Photography is your one stop shop for capturing your story and creating memories with your best friend, whether they have two legs or four! They are based out of Los Angeles and Huntington Beach California, but travel all across Southern California! Available for worldwide travel.