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Sara Shier Photography: Why You Should Hire A Private Photographer When They Are Allowed

Sara Shier Photography: Why You Should Hire A Private Photographer When They Are Allowed

Sara Shier, from Sara Shier Photography, shares five reasons why you should consider hiring a private photographer at horse shows that allow it.

Coming from someone who is an official photographer for 10 shows a year I can tell you this: we can't be everywhere. I do my best to hire capable photographers to cover all of the rings and trust me... that is hard as it is! If there is anyone who understands the battle of trying to provide full coverage, easy viewing and purchasing, stellar quality and more candid moments while covering your horse show for 10 hours a day... its me!

Which is why I continue to work with management about allowing private photographers to cover the bigger horse shows that are running more than 4 rings during the show. Its impossible for an OP to meet the specific needs of competitors all while telling them "no you can't bring your own photographer to cover your rounds."

I'm so excited that the Desert Horse Park is seeing this and agreed to allow private photographers to be hired during the winter circuit! It is such a great step in the right direction for the west coast A-circuit horse shows!

So as your preparing for your time in the desert, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a private photographer at horse shows that allow them!

1. Guaranteed coverage

Number 1 question received as an official photographer? "Were you covering my arena today?" Whether you are moving up a height for the first time, your first show with a new horse, or your last show with your old trusted show partner... the days of wondering if someone snapped one picture are gone. When you hire a private photographer you can rest assured that they are there capturing these moments!


2. Tell the Story

Best complement I ever received as an OP? "You're the one who gets all the cute photos too" I've always said covering horse shows is like covering a wedding. They're high emotion, high stress, and it only happens once. An over the fence photo is never going to tell the entire story of what it took to get there. When you hire a private photographer you're getting a personal paparazzi that is covering those pre show nerves, strategizing with your trainer, and the joy of having the best round of your life.


3. Pick Your Price

Photography is an investment. Not everyone can afford their own camera and not everyone can afford a private photographer, but everyone can afford 1 photo of an important memory if they want it. When you are looking to hire a private photographer you can set a budget for the shows that are most important to you and hire one that is within your price point. For shows where your budget it tight, go chat with the OP about covering your round (PS you can see our coverage price here!


4. Pick your style

Every photographer has something amazing they offer. Some love crazy wide shots, other shoot really tight. One might like it warmer, others keep it cooler. There are photographers who are quiet and to themselves.... or there's me who likes to have a good time XD Whether you like a photographers particular style or you love their personality you get the option to choose!


5. Did I mention I like to have a good time?

I know that you have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a photographer to capture you and your horse! There is talent oozing out of every city, every town in this state; and yet here you are reading this very blog from me!

There is a reason over 200 horse owners call me each year to capture their portrait sessions or cover their horse shows... why?

Because I care. I take clients and turn them into close friends, your horse just adopted a new aunt, and through every show or goal you wish to accomplish, you will have an extra cheering section rooting you on for the rest of your life!


Sara Shier Photography is your one stop shop for capturing your story and creating memories with your best friend, whether they have two legs or four! We are based out of Los Angeles and Huntington Beach California, but travel all across Southern California! Available for worldwide travel.

Showing at the Desert Horse Park this winter? Check out Sara's private photography packages! Package 1 and Package 2 are available weeks 6, 7, and 8!