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Show Ring Essentials

August 24, 2020
Show Ring Essentials

Photo by Sara Shier Photography

Picture this: it’s Sunday, the last day of the horse show and Classic Day. These summer horse shows have been brutal, especially after the quarantine hiatus, and the heat is getting to your head a little as you run to the arena to walk your course. Luckily you remembered your Equivont "B*** please, I ride a Unicorn" Sassy Water Bottle so you can pause to hydrate! You might be sweating bullets, but at least you look fabulous in your new white breeches and light-weight show shirt coupled with your lucky earrings!

  Imagine that, you made it early to the course walk! This is the perfect   opportunity to freshen up before it’s time to mount up. You throw your handy   Samshield IconPack —luckily it’s super durable— because lugging around all   of your show ring essentials is getting exhausting!

  But you can’t complain because your over-preparation makes horse showing   just a little less stressful (is that really possible?). You quickly pull out your   favorite Frankie Cameron Purple Pattern Mini Clutch that neatly stores all of   your on-the-go skin care essentials because dirt + sweat + COVID-compliant face masks does not equal clear skin without a little help! A little wipe down with your Stable to City Wipes and reapplication of your Essential Sunstick Sunscreen has you feeling as good as new!

It’s time to walk! You quickly walk your course so that you have plenty of time to polish your boots and warm up your horse.

Before mounting, you quickly shine your new riding boots with some Effax Boot Polish, add a little extra security with Effax Leather Grip Stick, and pat yourself on the back for remembering your EquiFit GelBands that make breaking in those new beauties much less painful!


You quickly trade your stylish Island Girl Diamond Studded Sun Hat for your Glossy Miss Shield, but not without a quick spritz of Fresh Hair - Hair Refresher Spray because even though you just bought a new Samshield Helment Liner, that summer heat is relentless!

Finally, it’s time to ride! You notice your horse shook out one of her ear plugs but luckily you keep an extra set in your ring bag so you plop one in, spritz a little extra fly spray on your trusty steed, and climb aboard!

In the warm up ring, your mare is feeling a little extra quiet after a week of showing in the heat so you throw on pair of spurs from your “small” collection accumulating in your backpack and head into the show ring.

After a super fast, clear round you exit the show ring and immediately shower your perfect horse in cookies and kisses! You peel your gloves (ew… good thing you have a few extra pairs in your backpack!) and head back to the barn to finish taking care of your horse.

  At the end of the long, hot day you pick up your blue   ribbon (winner winner, chicken dinner) and shove all your   belongings back into that trusty ring bag—I swear it’s   magical like Mary Poppin’s suitcase—and head on home!   The show was a huge success and would have been much   more hectic if you hadn’t stocked up on all of your favorite   show ring essentials on Equivont! Equivont carries all   of your favorite brands and products, plus they ship fast   and free making horse show prep a breeze!