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Six Summer Show Staples

May 21, 2023
Six Summer Show Staples

Summertime means lots of horse shows, but it also means lots of hot, sweaty horse shows. You and your horse can beat the heat with these summer show staples.


These amazing treats by Funky Unicorn are more than your average post-ride snack. They contain electrolytes that help encourage your horse to rehydrate after their workout. Electrolytes are important during all seasons, but especially during the hot summers when they’re sweating more.


Stash this jug of Equine Fly Spray PLUS to refill your bottles of fly repellent. The summer heat brings out more flies, which means you’ll be going through fly spray faster to keep your horse comfortable, especially in the show stalls that don’t have your normal fly control setup.


Enjoy the breathable mesh on the top of these uvex sumair riding gloves.


It’s hard enough to wear a show coat during the summer heat, so at least make sure you’ve picked one that’s lightweight. The airy, mesh material of the Motion Lite Jacket by Alessandro Albanese comes in a wide range of beautiful colors.


A short-sleeve show shirt is a great solution to the issue of overheating in the show ring. This Ocean short sleeve competition shirt even has extra venting along the chest to offer maximum comfort.


Horse show days mean long days in the sun. Protect your face in style while you’re off the horse with this Scope Summer Icon Visor.