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Stable to Street in 3 Steps!

November 21, 2019
Stable to Street in 3 Steps!

Squeezing in a quick ride before brunch with your girlfriends? Or maybe hurrying off to dinner after an afternoon at the barn? No matter the occasion, Team Equivont has a few little tips and tricks to take you from the stable to the streets!

1. Freshen Up!

It seems like Equestrians are always on the run, so stay stocked up on a few simple products to look and smell fresh! Here's some of our favorites:


2. Convert Your Outfit!

Don’t be ashamed of wearing your breeches to bottomless mimosas! Anyone and everyone is trying to imitate the Equestrian style, but ladies we are the real deal, embrace it!

Rock your favorite breeches (we love Le Fash and Queen Equestrian) while throwing on a stylish sweater like the Two Bits Black Bamboo V Neck over your sun shirt to really tie the outfit together.

From there, you can throw on a pair of cute flats or just shine up those tall boots because, again, we are trendsetters! Don’t forget to grab your favorite handbag (can't go wrong with a Frankie Cameron Clutch) to complete your look (and store your fresh essentials!).

Last, throw on a cute scarf or equestrian-inspired jewelry and you'll be ready to hit the town!


3. Final Touches!

Now that you’re clean and dressed the part, throw in a few extras to really look street ready! Our newest and most exciting beauty hack at Equivont is drum roll... press on nails. Yes ladies, you heard me right, no more expensive manicures that chip away the barn! Try some press on nails that you can find on Amazon for next to nothing because they’re cute, versatile, and easily replaceable! Match these with a travel size mascara tube and no one will know you just got back from the barn.

Last, but not least, we're a big fan of keeping a spare wine opener in your tack trunk. Because, essentials.

Thank you to Annie Heise of Two Bits Equestrian for the beautiful cover shot by Kristen Lee Photography.

We hope some of these tips and tricks help you the next time you’re rushing to hit the town right after your lesson. Don’t forget to browse Equivont for more skincare products, cute sweaters, and other barn-to-brunch essentials!